Fashion Week Party ~ Lulu's

Fashion Week Party ~ Lulu's

Lulu's New York Fashion Week 2014

I was happy and excited to go back to Lulu's Style Studio again this year. It was at the same venue as last year, and I had a pretty chill time. I chatted with some ladies, and saw/ talked to Maria from Little Tree again briefly. But mostly, I sort of stuck by myself, picked up my swag bag materials, and did my own thing.

I don't know what it is, but I get super nervous sometimes before/ at events like these. I left the house feeling really confident, but then on the train I started to get anxious. It's really weird when my social anxiety decides to hit. Sometimes, I love being a social butterfly, and others I just want to be alone. Does this happen to anyone else?


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~ They had massages and manicures this year! I indulged in both.

~ Godiva chocolate bars.

~ Lush Cosmetics was there!! This was huge. They were giving away cupcake face masks, and I scored one!

~ There was a company there called Shae Moisture, and the body butter that I took home from them is one of my favorite finds of the night. I'm hooked! The scent is hibiscus & coconut, and it is so addicting. Glad to know the brand is pretty accessible, as they evidently sell products at Target. I'm excited to try other stuff from their range!!

~ As always, each attendee gets to pick out an item of clothing, and I've been super wanting a kimono. Unfortunately, we only had ten minutes to look through everything, and there were no dressing rooms or even any mirrors this year! So I snagged this kimono and hoped for the best. I'm getting a Blanche from the Golden Girls meets Hawaii 5-0 kind of vibe... Luckily, Blanche is frigging fierce. I can't wait to rock this thing the minute it turns warmer than 30 degrees outside.

Lulu's style studio

~ Chantilly

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  1. You have such an amazing blog! thank you for commenting on mine, that's how I found you and I just followed you on Bloglovin' and noticed that you don't have facebook (you just got like 100 extra points). I totally want to abandon fb, but I'm not sure how!!!

    I completely get what you are saying about social anxiety, also because sometimes there is a lot of fakeness that goes into how we communicate at these social gatherings that can really be a turn off. I think there's nothing wrong with being a little introverted every now and then. I used to get this a lot when I would have to work at the fashion fairs. I mean part of this whole thing is being social, cracking a joke and saying things like "fabulous", but really sometimes you just want to be a little more invisible, fly low, do your own thing...... I guess that's why blogging is nice, because you can express yourself without necessarily having a direct conversation. Anyways, I just wanted to say YOU're NOT alone and glad to have found you.

  2. I'm the same when when I go to events alone... While I can certainly act extroverted when called upon, I do tend to be more of an introvert and end up feeling like I'm kinda on the outside looking in. I find that if I go to things with a friend, it opens me up a lot.

  3. Oh, my! As I started reading, I was wondering if I could handle this kind of pressure! I mean, I always think "awe, these girls are so lucky, they get to try things out and get products for free and seem to have a ton of fun meeting fellow bloggers ...", then I start to wonder what it must be like for someone as socially retarded as me in such an atmosphere and realize that yeah, it makes sense that I'm the one reading about this kind of events while sitting on the couch and not being in the actual event, haha.

    Hope to see more of you in that kimono! ;) Happy VD and happy long weekend!


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