Having a moment

Having a moment

Hey there, cutie.


Just a quick little howdy and hello... I don't know about you, but my spirits have lifted considerably since the weather has started to get warmer!  Gone is the sense of dread that permeated me whenever I had to run to the store for a small thing like paper towels.  Now I will relish doing those mundane chores that involve going outside!  Bright sun and blue skies 4-eva!!!!!!

Anyway, I've gotten behind on my blogging in the past few days, so I wanted to drop in with a few pics from my Instagram :)  I'm still not really an avid user, but I'm updating it much more often than I used to!  (which was never.)

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ALSO- I am just loving all of your AMA questions, and psyched that most of them are about music!!  So excited to start tackling them really soon.   Keep 'em coming!

I really hope you are having the best day imaginable :)


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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. That Starbucks spelling of your name is too funny. Sometimes I wonder if they try to spell people's names wrong!

    Becca Ladyface Blog

    1. Thanks so much Becca :) There's this Buzzfeed list somewhere of people's misspelled names on Starbucks cups that is just hilarious. :))

  2. I was just elated about the time change .. more light!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. Whaaat? I didn't know you were on IG! Blue skies fovea, fo sho!


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