Beautiful Spring Dresses

Beautiful Spring Dresses

If you can't tell, I'm just a little excited lately about the weather becoming nicer.  I'm even super pumped about daylight savings (another hour of light!!  YES.)   Seriously, I'm not usually affected by the seasons, but this one just got to me.  I've been a total shut-in, and yes, a little grouchier than usual.  BUT.  It's finally March! The earth is slowly warming.  Much rejoicing in my heart.

It also means I'm celebrating with myself by browsing some of the gorgeous frocks on  They've got a really lovely selection, including prom dresses online for those who've got that celebration coming around the corner!  Have a gander at some of my favorites...

1.  This retro number reminds me of a cool vintage bowling shirt turned into a dress.

2.  I'm seeing a 90's-style revival of florals everywhere lately, and this dress would fit the bill perfectly.

3.  I love the sunny bright color, and the silhouette is perfect for me.  Not to mention I've been obsessed with lace dresses all winter long... now my obsession can extend to spring as well :)

4.  Again, lots of lace with a feminine, frilly bottom.  Perfect to wear to a formal event, or just around town, getting ice cream or something equally as cute :)

5.  These red stripes are so fresh looking, but striking at the same time.

6.  This maxi reads both modern and retro to me, somehow.  I couldn't resist putting it on my list :)

7.  Love the pea green color, as well as the asymmetrical hemline!


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  1. That stripey one is divine!

    I so know what you mean about Spring-relief - these past few days of sunshine have totally reinvigorated me!


  2. Love these dresses! I have baby #2 arriving in the fall and lived in non maternity dresses during my last pregnancy. Always on the lookout for fashionable attire I am make work with a growing bump!

  3. oh, give me them all!

  4. Oh I am sooo excited for spring to get here--out here in the country if it snows a lot, you can't go anywhere. Plus I hate the cold... so big yay for spring coming soon! And the dresses are so pretty--I am really into the lace look too!

  5. I want to flounce around in the woods in #7! Beautiful!

  6. #3 and #6 are perfection; love these picks!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!


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