This week has been an off week of sorts.

I don't mean that I'm feeling "off."  It's just that I sort of planned-but-not-planned for this to be an "oops, I took a break from blogging!" week in order to catch up on some things.  That clearly didn't pan out, as I've still managed to squeak out a few posts (just couldn't stay away... hahah.)  Although I hope nobody minds (or maybe no one noticed?) that I haven't done a style post in two weeks.   Well... what can I say.  Sometimes life does catch up with ya.

(I'm attempting to do that thing where a blogger acknowledges that they're being a shitty blogger, except in a smooth, suave way.   But it's totally probably not coming out smooth at all, because three hours of sleep.)

Either way....

I am feeling:

+ To see a good friend tonight
+ For my show next week at the Cutting Room
+ To have a possible radio interview this weekend!
+ Planning my new set of workshops in April
+ Taking necessary steps towards releasing my new songs
+ Making wedding plans :)

+ Crushed my to-do list yesterday.  Take that, procrastination!
+ Went to appointments
+ Made dinner last night AND did ALL the dishes.  Who da man?

+ 3 hours of sleep.  Really, body?!



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  1. New songs?! AND wedding plans! Woohoo! :)

  2. AH, wedding plans!? Awesome and exciting! Hope you get more sleep! Happy Friday xxx

  3. Yay! Radio interview and wedding plans sound awesome! And I think it's totally fine not to be able to blog religiously because you're doing other fun/important things in real life, hehe, not that the posts are not about real life, but you know what I mean. Plus, I find it hard to keep up with some of my favorite bloggers who post stuff non-stop. I always want to catch up with them, but if it's going to take me hours to do it, I just give up, ha.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! ;D


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