On creating new opportunities ~ The Noise Collective Workshop

On creating new opportunities ~ The Noise Collective Workshop

Noise Collective NY

I've been organizing and participating in Noise Collective NYC for over a year, and haven't really talked much about it here. Maybe it's because the photos of our events aren't exactly ones I'd share here (dark bars + big crowds don't exactly equal "pretty" pictures.)

Maybe because I feel like my "music life" doesn't really converge with the things I write about on this blog, which is silly. The sole reason I started this blog was to help promote my music... then the blog it took on a life of its own ;)

I guess for a long time now,  I've let the reporting of my musical endeavors fall by the wayside, while typical "blog topics" have taken precedence.

I love doing both things.  But I want that to change.

In that spirit, I want to share a little about my involvement with Noise Collective-  I spend every Sunday with the other members, who I've come to love and befriend.  They are managers, label A&R, booking agency reps, and other musicians.  We spend our time planning our monthly networking events, and coming up with new ideas.

The pictures you're looking at are from my newly-hatched songwriting workshop.  It's my baby.   I'm even the head of the new "workshop department" that we've started!

Noise Collective Songwriting Workshop Noise Collective Noise Collective Noise Collective Music Noise Collective Songwriting Workshop

The truth is, my creativity has been waning lately.  My music writing endeavors have stalled a bit.  So I wanted to do for other people what I couldn't do for myself- create something to motivate them to be better.  To keep the fire burning, and regenerate the electricity that happens when you know you've created something good.

I saw an opportunity with Noise Collective to create this platform, and I'm so happy it's going well.  We've had four packed workshops so far, and lots of interest!!  In fact, we're about to launch two more :)

Thanks for taking the time to read today :)  Anything in particular you're proud of lately?



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  1. Right now i'm proud of you sharing this, I started to follow your blog precisely for your music (I bought your two cds as a present for myself). You have such a dreamy voice

    1. Thank you so much, Dulce! Hope you're still enjoying the music. More to come!


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