The Cutest Cupcake

The Cutest Cupcake

Oh nothing, we just found the most adorable cupcake shop in Rhode Island, that's all...

coffee shop
coffee shop rhode island

coffee shop Rhode Island
coffee shop RI coffee shop Sweet Cakes RI

Found:  Best cupcakes ever (?)
Place:  Sweetcakes- Peacedale, RI
Coffee:  Yes
Space:  Small
Everything else:  Adorable

So... other than looking at these super fun and cute pictures, I'm kind of having a stressful day.  Lots of things in my life are now progressing faster than I thought they would...

And I'm still strategizing the best way to drop these (sexy, amazing) songs that are sitting in my lap.   (Just sitting right here in my lap!  I want people to hear them noww!!!)

This might be a weird question, but do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you literally just have to sit or lie down?  I had a day like that today.  First one in a very long time.  I really thought I was losing it. But good thing I wasn't.  And I didn't.. Still here :)

I guess I'm lucky that I've got so much going on, and it's really just a side effect of of being too excited about something (or multiple things.)

I've got projects lined up.  I've got love.  And I've got time.

I've forgotten at least two out of those three things lately.  These days, it feels like time is just racing by.  I feel like I have to chase it.

But I don't.  

Things will happen when they will.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy another cupcake.  What the hell.


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  1. What a cute place! And those cupcakes are soooo pretty!!!!

  2. I have those "I have so much to do, so I'll sit down and do nothing" moments quite often. :) My brain just needs time to process my schedule I guess. That cupcake place looks adorable. I'm looking forward to your new songs!

  3. Yum! Looks delicious! This place looks so cute!

  4. such pretty cupcakes i want one! lol

  5. Can't wait to listen to those amazing, sexy songs! ;) And yeah, I occasionally feel like I have to literally sit down to catch a breath when I'm overwhelmed.

    Have fun with in RI! ;P

  6. I could eat both of those cupcakes right now! I'm glad good things are happening for you, sometimes sitting or laying down for awhile really makes a huge difference. looking forward to hearing those songs!

  7. Yummmm.... I need some! inspiration is everywhere!

  8. This place looks absolutely adorable! It's been ages since I've taken the time to have a cupcake. I'm sending lots of calming vibes your way, it's so exciting when you have loads going on but I totally understand that feeling that it is kind of running away with you. I'm so happy stuff is going well for you xo


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