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It's Friday...


Guess this must be the week of selfies... I've been digging around in pictures from a few months ago and trying out new Lightroom filters, since I regrettably haven't taken any photos this week.  It's been a bit busy, even though I can't really say what I've been up to.  I tend to forget a lot of day-to-day details, and remember things in chunks...

So that's why I'm just going to recap some random stuff that went down :)

++ Definitely one of the highlights of my week was discovering the joys of Korean spas.  Matt, some friends and I went to Spa Castle in Queens... a total New York "thing" that evidently everyone knows about, even though I'd never heard of it until a week ago.

There are several floors that include restaurants, a "water park" with jacuzzis and jet pools, an entire floor filled with saunas, and locker rooms areas with several soaking tubs that are segregated by gender.  I'm a sauna junkie, so this was like heaven for me ;)

In the locker room/ pool areas, you must be completely naked.  It's a requirement.  No towels, no bathing suits, etc.  It feels a little weird at first, but in the end was quite liberating.

And the best part- you can stay there all day!  I was over-tired at the end of five hours of extreme lounging... who knew relaxing could be so exhausting?

++ I got a lovely treat in the mail from Lisa!  So happy to be collaborating with her.  She was one of my very first blog friends.  I absolutely LOVE her shop, and she was awesome enough to send this necklace.  It's so dangly and triangle-y.  So perf.  Can't wait to show it off in a style post.


++  BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MARATHON.  It's true that I used to be prejudiced against the show due to the nerdy title.  But it's actually pretty addicting!  (Season 3 was a little weak though...)

++  Been attempting to drink tons of water, and it's working wonders for my skin.

++  Excited that it's (almost) warm enough outside to start wearing my red mocs again!!  Heck yeah.  Red shoes are my favorite.


+++ Also of note- this Sunday, I'm going to run my first full day of Noise Collective music workshops!  Super scary and awesome.  Wish me luck!!

How was your week?!


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  1. That spa sounds amazing! I went to a Onsen when I was in Japan and I've been trying to find one in California...
    My week was pretty great, I was sick the last two weeks so it was nice to be well and not stuck in bed.
    BSG is great! Who's your favorite character? Mine is Helo/Karl <3

    1. My favorite BSG character definitely changes...

      + Starbuck was my girrrl in seasons 1 and 2, but she started acting pretty douchey with the whole Lee/ Sam thing.
      + Totally hated Saul at first with his erratic drinking and blind spot for the wife who was obviously no good for him. But he's one of my favorites now. The best was New Caprica :)
      + Sam is hot, loyal, and seemingly not that deceptive, soo... he's up there ;)
      + Madame President and Admiral Adama are obvs amaze...

      Ugh, so many good characters! Just starting on Season 4 :)

  2. The spa sounds like a fun park for adults! What a relaxing way to spend a day! There's a hydrotherapy spa several hours up island from me that I hear great things about, but I've never been because of the distance. We did visit some natural hot springs this past summer, though, so that was cool. Nothing like the amazing Korean spa, though!

    Also, that necklace is totally dreamy!


    1. Omg, hot springs. I've always wanted to visit somewhere with hot springs... you've lived one of my dreams!

  3. My cousin who is from NY always insists on going to Spa Castle. The nakedness part makes me uncomfortable. But glad it made you feel liberated!

    1. Yeah, it can be weird for some people. The girl I was with didn't get naked, either. Different strokes, and all that :)

  4. OH! I absolutely love the new look!!!!!

  5. those red mocs are darling. have a great weekend, Chantilly.


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