Belmondo Skincare Review + Giveaway!

Belmondo Skincare Review + Giveaway!

Hope everyone's week has been going well so far.  Today I have a review for you all.

Have you heard of Belmondo?  It is an organic skincare line- many of whose products center around the natural properties of olive oil.  I was approached by the company a few weeks ago and was on board to try out their stuff.  Looking at all my DIY's it's obvious that I'm super into natural skincare, and am always looking to up my game in that department.

So they sent me their travel kit- which includes a face cleanser, exfoliator, toner, face cream, and body cream.


First of all, their packaging is beautiful!  It feels totally luxe, and the bottles and tubs were all made of glass, not plastic.  I'm a sucker for pretty details, so I also loved the design and labels, along with the cute names they thought of to go along with each product.

To top it all off, everything was all wrapped up in a little cotton knapsack.


So here is what I thought about the individual products.  Listed by the order that I used them in the mornings-

The Rain
This is an apple cider vinegar face wash.  I liked that it was completely natural, with no soaps or chemicals.  With this sort of cleanser though, you should note that the texture is watery.  I know that natural cleansers act and feel differently than traditional soap ones.  You're not going to get that scrubbed-clean feel.  However, it was hard to know if I was really removing all my makeup and grime from the night before.

I would definitely recommend this to someone who already knows what they're getting into with natural cleansers.  It could take some getting used to :)

The Dunes
This was the exfoliant, made with almond oil and jojoba beads.  It was creamy and felt delicious on my skin.  The grains were very small, making for a gentle exfoliation.  I've taken to giving my face a mini massage every morning (5 minutes or less), and this product was slippery enough to get that job done.  I'm not sure you're supposed rub exfoliators in for that long, but I've seen no adverse effects.  I'm a fan!

After the rain
I've never understood the point of toners.  But I have to say, I was impressed with this!  Not only does it feel nice, it also tightens pores, calms skin, and gives an overall glow.   It's a little tingly after using the other products, but I love the way my skin looked after a few sprays of this.   Evidently, it's good for fighting acne as well.  

The Cloud
This is a face cream- the key ingredient being organic Italian olive oil.  It's really lovely!  I liked the texture- rich but not too heavy, and it absorbs nicely.  I have oily skin, and it's hard to find a good moisturizer that doesn't leave me "dewy" looking.  Often, moisturizers will exacerbate the oil situation throughout the day, but not this one.  It's a keeper!

The Nectar
This was a body and hand cream- it was nice.  I have to say, I'm finicky about hand creams and prefer my raw coconut oil.  I usually don't like anything on my hands at all, unless it's very fast-absorbing (coconut oil is.)  That said, it's still a very nice cream- the consistency is similar to The Cloud.  It will definitely do in a pinch, and would be super convenient for travel.



Overall, my favorite products were The Dunes (exfoliant) and After the Rain (toner.)

Since these items were made in smaller sizes for travel, the travel kit is an easy and affordable way to try out their products.  They would also (obviously) be perfect for traveling with.  Overall I feel it's a great value for specialized, organic skincare- especially if you are a natural skincare junkie like me ;)


That's right, Belmondo is giving away a Travel Kit to a lucky reader!

I'd love for one of you to win one of your very own :)

It's super easy to enter, so good luck, and may the skincare gods be with you!

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  1. oooo love natural products and this packaging is adorable!


  2. LOVE THIS. . . . .and love that you are in Canada! Vancouver is such a great city . . .wish I lived at that end of the country!!


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