Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Over this weekend we took a few days to get away in Beacon, NY (more on that later!), so I got the chance to take some photos with a very different background than usual.

So much green!

levi's jeans

So I mentioned this kimono in an earlier post, when I went to Lulu's fashion week party back in February.  Everyone got an item of clothing to take home, and I chose my Blanche Devereaux kimono, which I have been dying to bust out.  It was great for scooting around town in, but, my favorite use for it lately has been as an actual robe!

Unfortunately, it was one of those days where my hair just would not work with me.   It was raining and super humid, so evidently, that equals party time for my hair... it would NOT chill out!  These pics are okay... but there are some really Dynasty-worthy outtakes that I wish I had the guts to post.

Also, check my new favorite sunglasses!  I'm really in love with round shapes these days.

free people sunglasses

Kimono- c/o Lulu's // Necklace- c/o Paper Plane // Jeans- Levi's // Sunnies- Free People

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  1. Anonymous5/26/2014

    You look lovely! I really like that kimono, and I think your hair looks perfectly undone. Oh Blanche. I loved that show. She and Rose were my favorites. :)

    1. Haha. Yup I always loved Blanche, that slut! :P

  2. I think your hair looks amazing in these pics! Love all the greenery- I definitely miss that living in the desert. What a pretty kimono!

    1. Thanks girl! Guess I'm being a bit hard on myself re: the hairrr :)

  3. You look great and love your shoes! The kimono is cute too ~ so colorful.


  4. Your kimono + green landscape looks divine!

  5. your hair looks totally fine -- better than mine looks regularly! haha loving that kimono, such beautiful colors.


  6. You look so great in those jeans <3 Gorgeous kimono!

    - Anna

  7. Humid days are just the worst on my hair. I don't even bother trying to make it look good haha! I feel your pain. That kimono is gorgeous and I love how you edited these shots.


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