Summer Wishlist

Summer Wishlist

Whenever I make a wishlist it's always dresses, so I thought this time I'd mix it up with some cute separates :)  These clothes say to me "Let's enjoy this pretty sunshine-y day, while we strut down 1st Avenue looking fierce."  Maybe because I'm also picturing them with some huge high heels, and big I-got-attitude hair.  Anyway...

1. Essential flowy crop top to wear with high-waisted jeans or shorts
2. Lacy shirt... I've been dreaming about them for months, and now I can actually wear them!
3. Flowy crop top similar to the first one, but done in florals <3 p="">4. It's just a simple little t-shirt, but when I saw it, I flipped a lid.  So cute!
5. Need a pair of aviators... love these blue tinted ones.
6. Calling back to the 90's with these ripped jean shorts (or jorts, if you will.)
7. A messenger-style bag... love the color.
8. Cropped jean vest.  Planning my Canadian tuxedo as we speak :)
9. High waisted shorts... what would I do without them?

Hope everyone's week is going great so far :)

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  1. I'm the same way - a wish list of dresses galore! I love your picks here though - the flowy crops are perfect for a gal like me. & I really do want to mix it up - for practical purposes too & start wearing shorts again. We shall see :-). Hope your spring is going awesome lady! xoxo Marisa


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