On the Fringe

On the Fringe

Sooo... yeah.  Monday's post was a bit heavier than usual.  I had some opinions, used some five-dollar words, and it produced some differing viewpoints.  It was a good time.  Since I mostly write inoffensive content, with lots of exclamation points and emoticons, it probably seems like I never think about these types of things.  But I do.

Anyway, it's hard to know what to follow that up with, so let the photos of rooftop picnic table dancing commence!



So here's something- last week will forever in my heart be known as the week that I walked full-force into a glass door.  For a full minute afterwards I thought I may have broken some teeth (I didn't.)  Also, my nose bruised up nicely.  Truth be told, I looked kind of like I got into a bar fight, and that's probably the story I should stick with :P  So much cooler than "I walked into a door."  I thought the bruises might show in these pictures, but luckily not!

On the brighter side, I finally got a super cool fringed black scarf!  Really excited to wear it more like a cover-up, or a shawl.  I need some more options... My decade-long cardigan addiction has been well-documented, but I want to give them some rest.  At least for the summer.

I just need a flowy black dress to make all my Stevie Nicks dreams come true.... wheeeee!!



Necklace from Paper Plane

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  1. Love these photos! So cool with that scarf and the perfect lighting!

    Visiting from WIWW :)

  2. I love your boho styles <3 The really suit you! Great mix of patterns!

    - Anna


  3. I love the bohemian vibe of this outfit and the photos! Your rooftop dancing rules and I really love how you style the necklace!


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