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Life Moments









These pictures were taken during a very indulgent Saturday we had a few weeks ago.  We really haven't gone out anywhere in awhile, so it became a daylong extravaganza of looking at pretty things and consuming tasty beverages.  Some highlights:

+ It was nice enough outside to walk all the way to Williamsburg, so we did.  Lots of nice sights and little stores to stop in on the way.

+ I ended up begging Matt to go into this cute hat shop, which I've been dying to check out for years.  We ended up buying Matt a hat, which was a  really a big deal... he's never been able to find one that fits him... his poor head is too big :(   But the shopkeeper helped us pick out one that fits well and looks great!

+ Okay, I know this is going to sound really bad, but Urban Outfitters opened a store in Williamsburg... complete with rooftop bar... and we had drinks there.  I'll say that again-  there is a rooftop bar inside of an Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg, and we went there.  Every single hipster cliche ringing in my ears as I type that sentence.  But fortunately (or unfortunately?), we had a great time, it was really cute, and not all that expensive.

+ Next, we stopped at a nearby cold brew coffee shop, where I had the tastiest espresso I've ever laid my lips upon.  Side of caffeine with your cocktails?  Obviously...

+ Topped the day off at a lovely light-filled restaurant, where I ate a personal pizza, and these vintage picture frames were hanging everywhere.

:pretty overload:

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  1. Beautiful photographs!
    I love all the hats, I want one! =)

  2. These photos are lovely and it sounds like you had a fab day!

  3. I always love your out and about photos. As funny as the UO rooftop bar sounds- I'm sure they decorated it awesome, and even better that they had good drinks!

  4. Love these photos :) Omg I've never even walked into an urban outfitters before because I'm too chicken. I'd faint walking into the bar lol! Not cool enough.

  5. you live in such a picturesque city, i always enjoy looking at your photos. that last one is my fave :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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