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Magic Hat

urban outfitters dress

forever 21 hat

There are many things I love about this outfit... but this hat has become my preciousss.  It's one of the better wardrobe investments I've made, and pretty much makes anything else I have on look 90% cooler.  Hats are everything.

This long vest/ dress thing is another sweet score.  It has been sitting in my closet, unworn since I thrifted it this past winter.  Happily, I've been pulling it out on the regular lately  ... But what is it even!?  My mom thought it part of a dress set, but we found it all by its lonesome on the hanger.   The material is deliciously 90's-esque, and is some sort of velour/ jersey amalgamation.  There are also buttons so you can close it over the chest.  

Along with the combat boots, I was sure I was pulling a full-on Brenda Walsh impersonation (total style icon!!), but it didn't quite work out like that.  Looking at the pictures, it feels a lot more 70's rocker chick ... Stevie, is that you?  (I hope it is.)

Either way works for me :)

urban outfitters dress

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  1. I like the 70s rocker chick vibe this outfit has :) the hat is awesome and the perfect finishing touch!

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  2. This totally has a 90s/70s mashup vibe and I love it! A hat can totally elevate an outfits cool points, for sure! Good investment :)

  3. Yep. I loves it. And that hat...perfection. Gimme! :p

  4. Anonymous6/03/2014

    Love it all! You are a rock star.

  5. You are gorgeous! The dress is stunning, beautiful colors! You look so graceful in these photos! Well done! <3

    - Anna

  6. I love this outfit! The dress, the hat, the boots, it's all perfect! These shots look so professional, you rock star xo

  7. You are seriously rocking that dress! Love the colors on you!

  8. What a beautiful bohemian vibe I am seeing. Stunning, and very rock star.

  9. Dress has such a great pattern and the hat is the perfect accessory! Looks like you had a fun time with this shoot!

  10. yeah, that hat IS everything.
    xo, Lauryn

  11. these photos are so fun and lovely! love your cute dress and hat! love the look!

  12. i think the look gives off a total 90's vibe! i love it!! Brenda walsh esq - love it haha!

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