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Sun Soaked


I spent so much time inside, feeling cooped up this past winter, and made a promise to myself that this summer would not go to waste.  I'm planning for lots of outside activities!   So far it's off to a good start... Matt & I spent a lovely few hours at Prospect Park the other weekend.  A blissful time away from computers, phones, and noise.  Just sunshine, coffee, and my nose buried in a book.

I hope to keep it up!

Prospect park brooklyn
Prospect park brooklyn
Prospect park brooklyn

Also, I got to wear my lovely, flowy cardigan from Sammydress.   This one is great for those times when it's a little nippier outside than you'd like.  Plus it goes with everything :)


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  1. I'm in the middle of winter right now and I'm dreaming of summer days like this!

  2. Such dreamy photos! I love Anatomy of the Spirit - such a good book!


  3. Love these sunny day pics and your bohemian vibe! Lying in a park sounds perfect- it's too damn hot for that here. Enjoy!

  4. Everything about this is so perfect: the lens flare, the backdrop, the outfit. It feels so carefree. I love it! <3

    - Anna

  5. That's such a beautiful summer top. :) I love this style of photo, where it's all bright but the protrait isn't washed out. I need to figure out how to take photos like this.

  6. You are absolutely radiant! Plus I am super jealous of that bag! I will definitely be keeping up with your blog. :)


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