At the moment...

At the moment...

Man, I haven't done one of these "currently" posts in a super long time... maybe years?


~ Happy about some much-needed hangout sessions with friends this week.

~ Practicing a lot!  Excited about two shows I have coming up this weekend.

~ Longing for more travel opportunities...

~ Wanting very badly to visit the beach again!  I was so excited to finally have time this summer to do my very favorite healing activity, yet I haven't gone at all.  (Except for this brief time at Coney Island.)


~ Finished re-watching The Wire for what... the umpteenth time?  Never gets old.

~ Thinking a lot lately about refining my sense of style

~ Speaking of... Currently craving:  black high-waisted pants.  Grungy black t-shirts.  Dresses with odd hemlines.  Oversized sweaters.  Lots of lace and gauze.  And a moto jacket... still don't have one.

~ Reflecting on self-improvement, positivity, and my place in the Universe.

~ Listening to Jenny Lewis and Banks.  Women Rawk 4 Lyfe.

Have a beautiful day!!

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  1. sweet update! thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous8/09/2014

    i can't get enough of jenny lewis lately! and i really want a pair of high waisted black pants too.

  3. Enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing :)

  4. That printed kimono is so pretty. And I can never get enough of Jenny Lewis!!

    xo freshfizzle

  5. i am desperate to get to the beach again this summer too! love the photo of your beautiful kimono and the shoreline. i haven't listened to jenny lewis' new album -- totally need to get on that!


  6. Ahhh, I've been craving the beach so much, too. I've only been twice since moving back to Seattle last year. I hope your shows went great!


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