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Photo by Nicole Graf

It's been about three weeks since I've last posted, which feels like an enormous amount of time on the Internet.  And I can't lie... I've enjoyed myself :)  It's refreshing to not be constantly worrying about having new content, or stats and traffic referrals.  I haven't even come to blogger to check it out!

(Although during my break, I did get featured on Apartment Therapy, which is mind blowing to me!  I kind of wish I was aware of it at the time, so I could appropriately brag all over social media, etc.  :P)

It's nice to feel a bit of privacy sometimes.  The Internet makes us all so exposed.  It didn't feel that way even just a couple of years ago, but now, there's really nowhere to hide anymore.  I realize there are ways of sharing things online that don't go overboard with TMI, but sometimes it's hard to find a balance.  Sometimes you overshare, write something less than intelligent, or post an unflattering picture.  We all do.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm "back for good."  If I'm going back to a regular posting schedule, post in binges, or if it'll just be every once in awhile.  My life is going to be changing a lot this year, and my focus has got to be with those things... including planning a wedding, moving out of the city, playing more shows, and releasing new songs :)

I will say that do have lots of pictures from the past couple of weeks, as well as a few leftover summer recipes to share!

So that's where I'll start.

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  1. I totally hear you on the break/re-grouping/taking a step back to reassess things. I just did the same on my blog {a month hiatus!} and came back with much more clarity. YAY to me-time and time to unravel slow. :)

    {by the way, my first comment here although I have been reading your blog for a while and LOVE your music!}

    Many Smooches,

    1. Yay, so glad to hear from you, Raine! Yup, totally. I do love to blog, but sometimes spending so much time online just makes me a little nutty. And even though documenting things is fun, It's nice to enjoy your moments, and not think about pulling out a camera.


  2. Welcome back, lady- glad you enjoyed some time away! Congrats on the AT feature, so cool!

  3. It's great to take a break .. enjoy the summer .. plan your future etc. Blogging will always be here.


  4. Oh wow! This photo of you is gorgeous. And congrats on getting featured on Apartment Therapy! That canopy bed sure deserves to be famous!

    Uncustomary Art.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that dress made me feel like a goddess (just trying it on in the store though... didn't buy unfortunately!)

  5. Anonymous9/03/2014

    I get it, girl. I really do. Turning 40 this year is giving me all sorts of perspective on life. You look fantastic here - love this look. You just have that 1920s-era face. You look like you just walked out of a silent film. :)

    1. Thanks Paulette~ I've been loving darker eye makeup and a bolder brow lately... trying to grow them in! x

  6. Beautiful photo and exciting to be on Apartment Therapy! Blogging can become overwhelming so its good to take a break.


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