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On the Road

Photos by Nicole Graf

Do you ever feel like something inside you just breaks?

Like you're going along fine, doing the work you've always done.  And then you hit your limit of... something.  You try to rev up that old engine of your motivation...  but you can't go anywhere.  You look down at the fuel meter, and it just reads:  "NOPE."  Oops... guess I ran out of gas :P

That's me and the internet these days, and many blog projects have fallen by the wayside.  It's not that I don't want to do more... it just seems that I've come up against some sort of wall of how much Internet my brain can handle.  Maybe it's a good thing.

But as you can see, I always come back for more :)

Now.  Onto the actual point of this post...


One thing that I've been doing with my time is playing out more.  When you do it right, it's a really great experience, but does take a considerable amount of brain power...

There's a lot of logistical info involved:  Keeping the dates straight, booking transportation, finding a place to stay, riding a bus for 5 hours, finding the venue, setting up, running your own sound (badly), being personable with the audience when you just want to curl up in a ball and pass out...

But I do love it.  Especially when I go to different places that have a thriving creative community. This particular venue was an artsy little college town called New Paltz, NY.  I had a lot of fun here, and got to stay with my friend Coley afterwards!   Squee.

Also:  looking forward to other shows next month in Boston and Philly.


(Played the show with my friend Scott Krokoff!)


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  1. When and Where in BOSTON!? I would love to come see you perform!

    1. Gallery 263 in Cambridge! Not sure yet when I go on, but the doors open at 7:30, I believe. I'll let you know!

      I'd love to meet you as well!

  2. That's awesome you've been playing more shows! It seems like a lot of work, but so worth it. The crowd interaction part would definitely be a big challenge for me :)

    1. Yeah... my biggest complaint is just that my voice can get worn out just from talking! (especially if it's loud and crowded) I project well when I'm singing, but have a soft speaking voice. My voice gets shredded from a loud night in a bar :/


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