Maine // July

Maine // July

*Throwback alert*

Remember 4th of July last month?  Yeah well, I'm just getting around to posting about that :P  I have a seriously big backlog of photos that I'm hoping to share eventually.  Or at least catch up with myself, and start posting the ones I take on the regular.  At this point, it's just a personal project.

Either way, maybe you will enjoy re-living July 4th all over again in August?!

By the way, the 4th is Matt's favorite holiday.  It's one of the reasons we came to Maine this year for it, since shooting off your own fireworks is legal there.  He gets too excited to wait until dark, so usually starts around midday with roman candles and mortars... here's him & my brother setting one off!

matt & jess

I lounged in the front yard most of the time, reading & relaxin'... here's the view :)


Nighttime comes...

mom in window

And BOOM!  ;)


We were staying for a few nights, so we got to hang out in Belfast a bit.  We're pretty familiar with the town already, but it's been a minute since we've been there.  Forgot how pretty it is, especially in the summer.  Everyone is friendly.  Lobster rolls in abundance :P


And bonus... our hotel room desk, haha.  A random inclusion, but I really enjoyed making myself coffee here every morning, and staring out this window.  I'm sort of into embracing these messy, "real life" shots lately.  Rather than the perfectly curated Instagram aesthetic.  Although I like that style too...  All styles are good!

maine hotel

Anyway... fireworks are magical.  Maine is magical.  I love roadtrips + family :)))


maine fireworks

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