Redesign ++ Techical Issues!

Redesign ++ Techical Issues!


So, quickie update... I'm doing a redesign here that I'm really really excited about!  Tbh, it probably looks a little messed up right now, and will for the next few weeks.  Lol.  There's some bugs to be worked out.

That's part of the new site design for the main page!!  It's got a fancy post-slider and a grid-based design, which I just luurve.  You access the posts by clicking pictures... like Instagram!


Of course with any Great Progress comes Painful Change, so there might be some technical problems for awhile.  Basically, because of the design that I want (the image-based) I have to update every single post I've ever made with at least one photo uploaded within Blogger.  Those posts without the Blogger-based images won't even show up in my layout.

It's a little daunting, since I've realized I have over 900 posts!!  I'm thinking of it as a long project, and a chance to go through and weed out some old/ embarrassing content :P  I probably won't end up revamping everything.

The annoying part for followers is that I think on some platforms, every time I "update" an old post, it shows up in your feed as new!  So if that's the case, sorry for the inconvenience!  Please just sit tight, and maybe re-follow somewhere else like Instagram.

Either way, hope everyone's summer has been a dream.  Mine has been wonderful :)

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