Honeymoon Part 2 ~ Monterey & Big Sur

Honeymoon Part 2 ~ Monterey & Big Sur

Next stop, Monterey!!  This was the time when we started making our way down to California Highway 1.  Which in case you haven't heard, has the reputation of being one of the most scenic drives known to man.  That drive was the main reason we wanted to do the trip, and boy did it live up to the hype.

Blue water.  Cliff drops.  Secret paths.  Scenery for days.

All the way down the coast, there were endless little places to pull off and enjoy the views.  I wanted to stop at every single one, but soon realized we'd never make it to our destination that way.  You could spend an entire trip just sight seeing on the side of the road.  I couldn't stop taking pictures, and every one was better than the last.

Can you find me?

Once we got to Monterey, we started getting over our jet lag and traveling stress.  Things finally got chill.  There wasn't much of an itinerary, just loose plans.  We explored the boardwalk, walked the beach, ate delicious meals, drank lots of coffee and cocktails, lounged in our hotel room, ordered in and watched tv... repeat repeat repeat.



My favorite part of the whole vacation though, was our day trip to Big Sur.  There is something really special about that place that I can't put my finger on... maybe it's the redwoods, which seemed so beautiful and different because I've never seen them before.   Combined with the surreal coastline, it was like being in another world.

Lounging at Pheiffer State Beach


Big Sur Waterfall

I mean, the pictures really take themselves at this point...  Also, I'm basically crying while writing these posts.  I so want to be there again!!  Trying to feel the Cali love through the laptop screen.

I'll just leave you with a photo of Matt looking super cute and happy :))   xxo


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