Honeymoon Part 1 ~ San Francisco

Honeymoon Part 1 ~ San Francisco

Matt and I had our first wedding anniversary recently.  (Yeahh, we made it!!)  We celebrated by going back to the town we were married in- Newport, RI .  We took in some scenery,  toured a gilded age mansion, and ate at the Whitehorse Tavern- one of the oldest taverns in the United States!

So right around this time last year, he and I were boarding a plane to go on a honeymoon that could be the subject of thousands of Pinterest and Instagram- dreams...

California road trip baby!!  Best.  Decision.  Ever.

Since there's too many amazing photos to share, I'm going to start with just San Francisco (and a little bit of Napa :)  More posts to come!!!

First stop... SFO!!


(Actually, Oakland...)

The hotel rates in SF were too damn high, so we stayed outside the city proper.  Took buses and trains to get to the good stuff, which was inconvenient.  However, there was a beautiful sunset view of the bay that made it hard to leave the room, and worth the stay.

Balcony view from our hotel in Oakland.

When we finally got into the city to walk around, there wasn't any real plan...  we just stumbled around and saw a bunch of random/ touristy stuff- City Lights Bookstore, Coit Tower, Chinatown, and Vinegar Hill.

Pretty street.


View from Coit Tower.

Quick stop at a gorgeous Modcloth popup store.

Hole in the wall Vietnamese joint where we ate the best pho evar.


Bubble tea!

On our second day, Matt booked us a tour of wine country via train in Napa Valley... a very fancy experience.  It included a gourmet lunch followed by desert served in a separate car, where the seats were faced to look outside at the vineyards.  I think this is really when our trip got rolling, and we started to feel the happy vibes :)



So this will be a several-installment series, since there were so many pictures produced by the trip.  Super happy to be back, at least for now :)

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