Honeymoon Part 4 ~ Santa Barbara & LA

Honeymoon Part 4 ~ Santa Barbara & LA

Time for Part 4 of my 4-part honeymoon series!!  Last year, my husband and I got married :)  Then we went on a roadtrip down California Highway 1.  Click for Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

Hello Santa Barbara!  You're cute... very cute.  I knew nothing about this town except that there used to be a soap opera by the same name.  There was much natural beauty to behold in the form of mountains and palm trees.

We mostly stuck to touristy stuff but did make it to the beach once, where I almost burnt my skin off!  Haha.  One thing that I didn't love about California was the amount of sun you're exposed to on a constant basis.  After a few days, I got tan without even trying... me no likey :(  Pasty pale ppl ftw!

Again- our motel was the cutest.


Right across the street from us was a French cafe called Renaud's, which we ate at every day.  The pastries were so perfect, and the coffee stiff and delicious.  Sometimes I try to recreate our breakfast experience at home by buying croissants and warming them in the oven, but it will never be the same.

Sand & mountains.

Dinner & cocktails!

Santa Barbara Mission.


Our final stop was LA, which there aren't many pictures of since we spent such a short amount of time there.  It was only two nights, and we had to wake up at 3am for our flight home.

LA was weird... and cool?  I dunno. We stayed at The Standard in LA a few months prior for a business trip, but this time felt different.  Our hotel was NEXT LEVEL fancy.  Like, everyone at the valet was dropping off their Bentleys and Ferarris.  Hello, rented Kia!  LOL.  You could tell that every single guest was not just well dressed, but expensively dressed.   I felt a little bumpkin-ish in my Forever 21 dress.  Still, what a luxurious end to a beautiful trip


In one day, there wasn't much sightseeing to do, but we did manage to see Griffith Observatory, and also stop at the famous Elliott Smith wall in Silverlake.


Looking back, the road trip idea was ambitious because we didn't realize how tiring it is to star in a wedding.  We were totally cranky for the first few days, and I could see how most people would just want to bake on a beach for two weeks.

So do we regret not going going the Sandals route?  ... HELL no!!  California was pure majesty, and a road trip there was something we've always wanted to do.

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