Summer Memories ~

Summer Memories ~

It has FINALLY started to get a little cooler outside (thank god!) and my enthusiasm for all the typical fall activities has been renewed.  In the past it's been like... yeah, apple picking is cool... but planning that stuff is a pain, especially in the city with no car.  If I get to it this year, bonus!  If not, oh well.  This time around, I'm all about it.  Bring on the PSL parade!!

Since I've been gradually working my way back to posting here, I never got the chance to share my memories and photos from this past summer, though.  It has been a happy one!  Our move back to the city was completely painless and our apartment is awesome.  We spent a lot of time getting our living space in order, adjusting to being back, and hanging with friends and family :)


Purple Rain at Brooklyn Bridge Park w/ Louisa!  Prince is such a talented glamazon, but sadly the film didn't age very well (a lot of people walked out due to sexist scenes.)  Still, the night was a blast.  I remember dancing in the moonlight with strangers, the sound Prince songs blasting through the park.


Boating upstate!


Summer twilight.


There's a roadside farm near Albany where Matt's mom loves to go and pick up fresh produce.  I took this picture of a pretty greenhouse hidden in the back.


The cafe down the street from us is EVERYTHING.  I'm not usually a fan of pancakes, but I love these.


Beach trip w/ bestie Coley!  Check out Matt carrying my cat bag :P  Whatta guy.


Anniversary!  We were married in Newport last year, and that's where we spent the day.  We took a tour of gilded age mansion the Elms and had dinner at the White Horse Tavern, one of the oldest restaurants in the US.  I highly recommend the lobster mac & cheese.


We spent Labor Day camping with our lovely new neighbors, and our friend Kayleigh.  Perfect way to close out the summer :)


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