Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

I'm always looking for the best hikes in Hudson Valley! There is so much great hiking in this area, it's insane. It's actually become a relatively cool activity. As you drive by Breakneck Ridge for example, you'll see tons of young hipsters flanking the roads, on their way to the hike.

Honestly though, hiking is a relatively new hobby of mine.  My first couple of times didn't go so well (this newbie was NOT prepared for that six-hour hike that my friends suggested it would be fun.) It almost scared me off hiking for good!

When my husband suggested we try it again, I thought why not?  I'd already lived to tell the tale after the six-hour hike, and NOTHING could be as bad as that.

Turns out, it's gotten easier since those first couple of times.  I started anticipating what to expect, and we've been hooked ever since!  Now I find there's nothing quite like it.  The rush somehow keeps me feeling great all week long.

My favorite are short-ish hikes that are challenging, but not impossible.  So I've rounded up a couple of my favorites here!  Starting with easy to hard, there's something for everyone to try.

woman lon mountain overlooking town


Roundtrip- 2.5 miles
Time- 2.5 hours
Difficulty- Easy to moderate
Elevation- 893 feet

If you are totally new to hiking, and want to experience the majesty of the Hudson Valley, I'd start here.  Storm King is a magical place, and this hike is enjoyable, pretty, and not too difficult.  Not only are there wonderful views, but the hike itself is pleasurable and pretty.  Storm King made me feel like a fairy passing through an enchanted garden.

Fall leaves on trees

nature couple


Roundtrip- 4.2 miles
Time- 2 hours
Difficulty- Moderate
Elevation- 1100 feet

We went on this hike with a couple of friends who aren't very outdoorsy, and they found it totally doable. This spot is located on private resort called Bear Mountain Inn, which is why it costs $10 to get in for the day.  Normally, I'd balk at paying for something you could normally get for free.  However, you get the added bonus of wandering around the gorgeous property, checking out the rustic inn, and a carousel!  :)

Mountain view
Trail sign


Roundtrip- 2.6 miles
Time- 2.5
Difficulty- Moderate
Elevation- 927 feet

A friend gave us this recommendation when we were out of the hiking loop for awhile, but wanted to dive back in with something that was a bit of a challenge.  Anthony's Nose was a perfect choice!  Gorgeous views of the Hudson River, and only a few spots where we had to stop and catch our breath.  Parking alongside the road.

Weekend hiking


Roundtrip- 4.4 miles roundtrip (to the fire tower)
Time- 3 hours
Difficulty- Moderate to hard
Elevation- 1653 feet above sea level

There are two pit stops on Mount Beacon- the overlook and the fire tower.  The overlook is the first stop you'll get to, and is a great spot to take in views of Beacon.  You can turn back here if the hike has gotten too intense- ain't no shame in it!  But if you choose to keep going to the Fire Tower, you'll be rewarded with not only insane views, but a sense of profound accomplishment.  Not to mention a sweet rush of endorphins. #worthit

woman on top of mountain
Green mountain view


Roundtrip- 3.7 miles
Time- 4 hours
Difficulty- Hard

When people talk about Hudson Valley hiking, they are usually referring to the infamous Breakneck.  Mobbed with hikers every weekend, it's a toughie... not to mention dangerous.  I felt mostly like I was rock-climbing rather than hiking.  The good part is, because of the it's so vertical, it's a short trip straight to the top.  Once you get there, it's all views.  Keep your phones/ cameras handy!


Breakneck is closing indefinitely for construction/ repair as of January 1st, 2018 (too many people have been dying on it over the years.  Yes, people die on this hike, be careful!!)

Walking on a road
woman happy in nature


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