Essential Beach Checklist

Essential Beach Checklist

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Aaah, the smell of suntan lotion and sea spray. It's official... Beach season has arrived! In fact, going to the beach has always been one of my very favorite activities. To me, it's the most peaceful thing in the world to lay back on that blanket and listen to the waves crash and the seagulls fly by.

Remembering everything you need to take with you to the beach, however, is another story. I don't know about you, but I'm a little disorganized. But I've found that in beach-going, as well as in life, it really helps me to have a pre-planning strategy! I love making lists and helping future-me by already having a bag packed full of most things that I need. That way, I don't have to spend the mental energy worried that I'll forget something on the day-of.

In that spirit, I wanted to share a super-simple list of beach supplies so that you don't have to waste your energy trying to remember every little thing either. Hope you enjoy!!

Beach Checklist
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This is my #1 beach item pick, and it should be obvious... but you'd be surprised at how many people still don't wear sunscreen! Protecting your skin is so important. I usually bring an all-around sunblock for my body, plus a higher SPF for my face.

Beach sunscreen

Pretty Beach Blanket

When I was growing up, all we'd do is bring a sheet to the beach, pin down the corners with our shoes and call it good. Nowadays, I love to take some pride in my little corner of the beach. My favorite is a Mexican blanket.


I've really undervalued the value of a good hat in the past, but I'm starting to love them more at the beach! My favorite is one that I got for free years ago.

Umbrella/ Beach Shelter

Can you tell I'm a stickler for avoiding the sun? Haha. The irony is, I love the sun. But nowadays I want to avoid its all its harmful side effects, not to mention wrinkles. So I've gotta be vigilant, and an umbrella is a must!


I'm not gonna lie, I wear them mostly to look cool. But you can also wear them for UV protection/ to avoid squinting.


I'm a bunny who just loves to lay in the sun (under an umbrella, shielded by a hat, coated with 100 SPF of course) But you kinda need these if you're gonna go in the water.

Sunglasses for the beach

Books or magazine

Goin old school. Of course, you can bring your electronic devices instead... But isn't the point of going to the beach to calm down? Seriously, leave your news notification machines at home and just bring a pulpy page-turner.

Earbuds to listen to your favorite tunes

Insist on bringing electronics? Ok, no prob... but at least use them for a relaxing purpose.

Beach coverup/ kimono 

For fashion, or for sun protection, or if you tend to get chilly. Users choice!

Beach Checklist


An essential that your body needs, especially after sweating all day.


Any kinds of snacks will do, but I find that fruit is especially replenishing after a day baking in the sun. Be good to you. Take an extra few minutes to cut up some watermelon.

Beach Bag

I'm a firm believer that if you have a beautiful beach bag, you will be inspired to take more trips to the beach 😉Round up all your goodies into your pretty bag, and hang it by the door.

Beach bag

Beach Checklist

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