Rhode Island Beach Day 2018

Rhode Island Beach Day 2018

Wait a minute, could this be what I think it is? Could this be a... regular blog update?? Golly gee, I never would've guessed! 😉Anyway, I went to visit my family last week for the 4th of July, and we ended up going to the beach 🌊

I was raised in a beach town.  Going to this particular beach was just a routine happening in the summers. And now as an adult, every time I set foot there, it feels like a part of me long-lost has been reawakened. All my sadness and problems instantly melt away, and all I want is to become one with the waves. It felt exactly like that during this trip.

It was especially nice to be there with my family. I mentioned recently that a family member had to go to the hospital for a serious medical emergency. They're keeping things private right now so I won't say much more than that. However, this is the first time I've seen them outside of the hospital, so it makes this day all the more special.

Last thing... I just want to note that hey! It's me in a bathing suit!! 👙I almost never post photos of myself online anymore, nevermind ones with my boobs hanging out!! I used to do OOTD's all the time, but after awhile it just got to me. You seriously have to take 50 photos minimum just to find 2-3 decent ones to post. Imagine having to constantly criticize those 50 photos of yourself to find the perfect ones, and what that can do to your self-esteem...

That said, I've kinda hoping to be a little less self-conscious and do a couple of OOTD's every now and then ...Even bathing suit shots! I've been eating salad and working out semi-regularly for the past year. Lord knows I'm not the buffest Betty at the beach, but I'm actually really proud of the way I look right now.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! Have a lovely day ❤️

Misquamicut Beach Westerly RI

Misquamicut Beach Westerly RI

Misquamicut Beach Fun Slide

Misquamicut Beach Westerly RI

Rhode Island Misquamicut Beach

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