Copenhagen Denmark Guide- the Lazy Girl's Edition

Copenhagen Denmark Guide- the Lazy Girl's Edition

Copenhagen Denmark Nyhavn

During our epic Europe trip last spring, Copenhagen was our very last stop. By that time, we had already seen two other countries and felt worn down from all the planes, trains, and travel itineraries. By the time we got to Denmark, we were SUPER ready to take it easy.

Luckily, the vibe in Copenhagen seemed to be in line with our desire to kick things down a couple notches. And surprisingly, it turned out to be one of my favorite places!

To me, Copenhagen isn't amazing because of the things that travel bloggers and Instamodels usually rave about. Although you definitely wouldn't be missing out on gram-worthy moments. You will find the design style impeccable and everyone is beautiful. And this city certainly doesn't want for gorgeous architecture or famous landmarks!

However, the best part about being here was simply the vibe, man. There was an absolute lack of worry from everyone we seemed to come across from the minute we stepped foot in Denmark.  Everyone here seems so content just to live life. To enjoy pleasures. We were giddy the whole time, riding high on everyone else's totally posi energy.

So here's a few ideas for your laid-back trip to Copenhagen, should you choose to take one (you should!!)

Where to stay- Vesterbro

First of all- it was convenient to stay here. We took a train right from the airport to Central Station in Copenhagen, which was about a 20 minute walk to our Airbnb. I can't express how easy it was to get from the airport directly to this neighborhood! Be aware that you might have to roll over some cobblestone streets with your suitcases. If that bothers you though, you can always take a cab.

Secondly, this neighborhood has oodles of charm! It was quiet and a little hipster-y. Flled with interesting people, cafes, and shops that had us roaming around for hours trying to absorb it all. We actually noticed a lot of artsy young couples toting around babies, so it's very family friendly as well.

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Copenhagen Denmark Vesterbro Architecture

Must Visit- Nyhavn Colorful Houses

Looking back, it seems so odd that the 40 minute walk from our Airbnb was no sweat at all. I guess it's a testament to how safe you feel, and how beautiful everything is here. Walking and biking everywhere is just what people do, and the journeys on foot are as easy as they are pleasurable.

Anyway once you get to Nyhavn, prepare for a magical time. When we came, it was jammed with tourists at every turn, yet we managed to find a little piece of sidewalk for ourselves to sit down and have a beer. We literally hung out for hours. Not worrying about anything at all, just taking everything in.

The sun seemed to take forever to set, but that just stretched out the wonderful day we were already having. It was truly the most beautiful experience.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Where to feel magical- Tivoli Gardens

One of the oldest (and prettiest) theme parks in the world, Tivoli Gardens is a cannot-miss attraction! When you come here, it will feel like you've stepped into a fantasy land.

We paid our admission (100 DKK) to get in and just hung around for most of the day. Browsing the various shops and stands. Admiring the rides and roller coasters (not going on any of them.) There was a ballet performance running several times a day, which we got to see. We had steins of beer at a German-themed beer hall, where some rowdy guys were doing arm-wrestling contests at the table directly behind us. It was all quite the experience.

We stayed until sundown when they turned on all the pretty lights in the park. The perfect end to a fairytale day.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark night

Where to drink- Mikkeller Bar

This little microbrewery was founded in 2006, and is quickly on its way to becoming world-famous. We ended up coming here for two days in a row, it was that good!

Guys, it's like no other brewery I've been to- certainly not like any American ones. The design of the space itself is enough to set it apart- Danish modern minimalist, with white painted brick walls and mint green industrial floors. The atmosphere is relaxed and is the kind of place you would feel just as comfortable reading a book as stopping for a pint or two with a group of friends.

They pride themselves on serving the highest quality beer they can find and/ or make, and have a rotating selection on tap. At least 20 coming from Mikkeller themselves, and the rest from all over the world.

I had a raspberry blush beer- a sour beer flavored with raspberries. The next day I tried the cherry wine. Both were excellent!

Mikkeller Copenhagen Denmark
Mikkeller Bar Copenhagen Denmark

Where to eat- Torvehallerne Market

Copenhagen has been a rising star in the culinary world for a long time, and some of the world's best restaurants call this city home. However, you don't have to go to a Michelin-starred restaurant in order to enjoy a tasty and fresh meal. Simply spend an afternoon at Torvehallerne Market!

It's an indoor-outdoor market with two separate halls housing lots of food stalls, fresh fish and meat markets, flowers shops, and souvenirs to explore. There is a lot to choose from! We ended up having some of the tastiest Vietnamese pork buns, followed by a chocolate-covered cinnamon roll.  All while sitting outside in the sun, enjoying the day.

Torvehallerne Copenhagen Denmark

Be a tourist- The Little Mermaid

This is surely on everybody's Copenhagen to-do list! Well... it WAS on ours, but we didn't get to it. Still, come here for the Instagram snap and the bragging rights. Bonus points- come at sunrise to avoid crowds and get that golden hour vibe.

Be a free spirit- Freetown Christiania

A little village in Copenhagen where the residents live by its own set of rules. Sometimes likened to a "hippie commune" you'll find tons of art, cafes, and culture here. Just note- cameras are not allowed in Christiania, so put yours away when you stop by this part of town.

Vintage Shopping

You'll pass by a ton of thrift stores and vintage shops, and my suggestion is that you stop and browse as much as you can!

I'm always up for a good thrift haul, but searching for hidden gems in Copenhagen was extra special. I found that many of the items have that signature Danish style that often imitated but never duplicated. I ended up scoring a pair of black booties from one vintage store which are still my treasured fave. You're sure to find something colorful and cute to take back home with you.

Vintage shopping in Copenhagen
Vintage Shopping in Copenhagen

Brunch Spot- Cafe Dyrehaven

This place was just delightful... once we got the hang of how to order (and the following seems the standard way at most of the cafes we went to.)

At first, we sat down at a table and waited to be served. After about 10 minutes, we figured out that there were no traditional "waiters"... we had to go up to the counter to order and pay, just like a coffee shop. But then they brought out our food for us, similar to a restaurant. And when we were done, we simply left... no asking for the check or back and forth about having dessert. Such a simple and stress-free way to eat in a restaurant!

Back to this particular cafe... we loved it! Supposedly it's one of the "It" places in the neighborhood so be prepared to get there early for a good seat. It seemed popular and full of young artists as well as parents with their babies in tow. The eggs benedict was delicious and the decor was Scandinavian retro (though most sit outside on beautiful days.)

Cafe Dyrehaven Copenhagen Denmark

Brunch Spot- Zablonka

Here was a spot that we ended up coming to twice. I had spinach pie and a latte the size of my face. The quality of the food is excellent. And again, there is never the feeling that anyone is trying to rush you out. In fact, it's the opposite. The custom here is that as long as you're paying for a meal- it's your right to sit and enjoy as long as possible!

Zablonka Copenhagen Denmark

Where to have a culinary spiritual experience- Bageriet Brod 

It turns out that I sadly never grabbed any photos of this place or its out-of-this-world baked goods. However, it's still at the top of my list!! Whenever I think of this wonderful bakery, this thought immediately follows- "Why can't it be transported to New York?" I've never had pastries like this. Anything you try will be good, however, I recommend the MorningBun, which is both doughy and crispy and melts in your mouth.

Get here early, as many of the pastries sell out quick!


And there you have it, my lazy girl's recommendations :P Hope you like!

Copenhagen Denmark Guide

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