November 12, 2018

Nomo Soho

Nomo Soho

Hi!! How's everything going lately? Just wanted to drop in for a hot minute and share this shoot that I did a couple months ago. I know, I know... I really need to get more timely with my content. Haha. But... better late than never?


November 08, 2018

Savoring Moments from the County Fair

Fried Dough Fair Carnival NY

I love that anywhere you go in the US, you can always find a good old-fashioned local county fair.

The internet seems so OBSESSED with travel right now. And I mean... yeah. Travel experiences can be unbelievable and life-changing. If you've been a reader for a long time, you've noticed that I've shifted my focus to a lot of travel content in the last six months. I'm obviously obsessed too!

But the truth is,  for most people, it's not feasible to be constantly on the road (or on a plane). Especially if you're on a budget. As alluring as it is to keep finding your next great adventure over and over again... sometimes finding an adventure in your own backyard is even better.

To me, going to the fair represents such an adventure. There's a certain magic to it that's a mix of sensory pleasures, community, and nostalgia. Actually, I'm willing to bet almost everybody can remember going to their first fair.

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