How Did the Summer Fly By So Fast?

How Did the Summer Fly By So Fast?

Summer flamingo pool float

So I know everyone everywhere says this exact same thing every season.... But seriously, where did the summer go??

It's a weird thing, but I can never seem to remember what happened in a given period of time. Like people ask me what I was up to last week, or last month... it takes me a few minutes of thinking hard to remember! So even though it's been a pretty eventful summer, when I think back to it, it feels like I didn't really do much. But that's so not true!

So I wanted to make a small blog post documenting what I've been up to for a couple of reasons. To remind myself of everything I've been doing. And also to let you guys know! If any of you follow me on Instagram, it's definitely not a full representation of my life. I want to have a more of a long-form version of my life updates. A snapshot and a one-senctence caption can't convey everything most of the time 😉


I've been really concentrated on growing my Instagram and making content specifically for that platform. One thing that changed for me this summer is the fruit of that labor paying off, as I've started to get more brand collaborations. I was even sent on a cruise to Bermuda to create content and take photos for the ship!

At the same time, Instagram rolled out some MAJOR updates starting in June. A lot of content creators, including myself have been hit hard and reach engagement have been greatly reduced. It seems they're finally fully going the way of Facebook, and making people pay to reach the following they've spent so much time and energy building. It really got me bummed out, especially since things finally seemed to be happening there. But it just makes me realize how important it is not to put all my eggs in one basket (Instagram.) So I hope to be blogging more, as well as checking out some other platforms!

As for personal stuff... Matt and I have been talking VERY VERY tentatively about adopting a child in the next couple of years!! ðŸ˜± I'll be honest. I still don't feel at all prepared for something like this. I've only just recently started taking "adulting" kind of seriously, and I already feel like I don't have enough time for all the things I want to do in life. And we really would like to buy a home and make a "nest" before we adopt. But NYC real estate prices are REALLY insane. And I don't want to move out to the suburbs. So.... it's a conundrum for sure. We talk about it all the time, so I'm sure we'll figure something out eventually. Where there's a will, there's a way 😊

Memories from this summer-


- Trip to Bermuda with my friend Tamar on a Carnival cruise ship!! (technically in May, but too exciting not to include)
- It was my birthday! Brunch with some friends.
- Staycation at Mccarren Hotel and Pool & got some sick photos by the pool
- Checked out a coworking space at WeWork for a month through a promotion they were doing. To be honest, I find working at home way too distracting, and I like it much better when I can work somewhere else. Thinking of investing in a coworking space for myself next year. The Wing in particular looks amazing!!
- Collaboration with Three Olives Vodka!
- My father's one year anniversary of his stroke 😢
- Trips to Rhode Island to see family, and beach days with Matt.


- 4th of July with my family in Maine
- Cookout and setting off fireworks in the yard
- Goat yoga event with Herbal Essences!
- Camping in a magical Catskills town. Since Matt and I are considering buying a property outside the city for weekends and Airbnb'ing, and this visit sealed the deal for us!
- Matt's mom's birthday party upstate & swimming in pool with a big flamingo float!
- Hiking in the Hudson Valley


- Released a "new" album/ EP! Are any of you oldschool followers of mine? Then you should know I'm a singer/songwriter as well as a blogger, and I made this music five years ago. I didn't end up releasing it because of a lot of personal reasons. But yay, I finally did it this summer! It feels so good to have it out there finally.
- I also wrote and recorded a song for an independent film last year (I included this song on the aforementioned EP.) The movie was officially released in August! I went to a screening in NYC and the premier in Connecticut.
- Went to Rose Wine Mansion with some Instagram friends!
- Checked out Vinegar Hill with Matt
- Closed out the summer by visiting my family on Labor Day & had a bonfire with s'mores.

What were you up to this summer?

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