How to Visit Rosé Wine Mansion in NYC!!!

How to Visit Rosé Wine Mansion in NYC!!!

Have you ever heard of a place called Rosé Mansion? It's a popup in NYC that is dedicated to everyone's favorite summer drink... you guessed it, rosé!  I remember a friend mentioning it last year, and thinking "wow, how cool is that!" Well, this summer I was invited to come check it out with a few friends. Spoiler alert... it was amazing!

I'm usually a merlot kind of lady, but I never say no to a good rosé.

Rose wine mansion NYC

Of course I had to 'gram it because this place is sooooo grammable!

Once you're in the Mansion, which is located on 32nd Street above the Manhattan Mall, you'll be given a cup, which you'll have with you until the end of the tour. You'll use it for each of your rosé tastings, and you can keep it as a souvenier. Don't lose it!

Once you receive your cup, you'll be guided through different rooms. In each one, there's a station with a person giving a lesson about rosé, and dispensing a tasting.  I'll admit, I was a little surprised to learn how many different kinds of rosé there are!

Now here's the part you're REALLY waiting to hear... every room is maxed out on Instagrammable decor, and it's pretty much the most fabulous thing ever! Hands down, the most popular room is the last room of the tour. You've probably already seen it all over Instagram already- the tubs strewn in rose petals! I have a video that I posted to my Instagram stories that showed the mayhem of this room, with several photshoots going on at once! People ducking through one another trying to get the best shots of their friends... it was crazy in the funnest way.

Rose wine mansion NYC
with Vicki of FashionTravelRepeat

Some of the other rooms that were my favorites included: a giant pink birthday cake, a giant pink ball pit, a game board-inspired floor, and a boudoir setup complete with mirrors, fuzzy pink robes and showgirl headdresses.

At the end of the experience, there's a bar area where you can hang out as long as you want with your friends and talk about the cool stuff you just saw. You can purchase additional glasses of wine, frozies, and other delectable concoctions!

Tickets are $35 for "happy hour" (before 5pm on weekdays) and $45 for general admission. It's super fun for a girls night (or boy's night!), and definitely a one-of-a-kind experience if you're in NYC!

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Summer activities NYC Rosé Wine Mansion

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