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How to Have a Marvelous New Year's Party at Home

New Year's Eve Party at Home

Another year and another magical New Year's Eve ✨ So what are you up to? Since Matt and I find ourselves without a party to go to this year, we'll be nestled at home with a few fabulous friends.

Coincidentally, I ended up doing an Instagram campaign for Whole Foods based around the idea of creating a lowkey fancy New Year's party at home. And although we don't usually do much entertaining due to our small apartment size, it really inspired me! All during December, I was collecting decorations, props, and thinking about all the different food and wine options I wanted to present.

Since I've been thinking so much about it, I wanted to share my thought process with you so that you can plan your own awesome party! I know there's only a day to spare at this point,😂 But hopefully these quick tips will give you some inspo for years to come!


Instagrammable NYC- Top Spots for Christmas Holiday Photos

Hello friends! So who's super excited about the holidays?? 🙋🙋‍♂️🙋 What are you planning on doing this year? I have to admit, I've been getting more hyped about it than usual. Why you ask? Well, as you know, NYC is one of the most festive places to be for the holidays. And this year I've been keeping extra busy visiting all the Christmas installations New York is famous for. Just so that I could report back to you!

Now guys, if you want Instagrammable content for the holidays in New York, it's no trivial thing. I need you to get ready. Because I'm about to take you through...


Instagrammable Christmas Spots NYC Peninsula Hotel

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