Easy Homemade Whipped Coffee Recipe

Easy Homemade Whipped Coffee Recipe

Have you ever heard of whipped coffee before? It's never even crossed my mind until recently. Whipped coffee been sweeping TikTok as the newest way to get your sugary caffeine fix. Since I'm obsessed with all things coffee, I was definitely intrigued. I watched tons of videos so that I could learn the best way to make whipped coffee, and I want to share it with you!

Whipped coffee recipe

First, let's look at where whipped coffee came from. It is also called Dalgona coffee, and has been a mainstay in South Korea for years. It's recently been branching out to different countries. Called Frappe Coffee in Greece, Beaten Coffee in India, and the recipe is finally becoming popular in the stateside under the name Whipped Coffee.

Turns out it's super easy and fun to make! Check it out- this recipe has just 4 ingredients- instant coffee, sugar, milk, and water. 

I have to say, it's absolutely delicious and reminds me of 1) a Starbucks frappuccino 2) some sort of decadent mousse. I think I'd actually love to whip up some of this to serve with ice cream, or on top or even eat on its own! The creaminess and bitterness of the instant coffee mixed with the sugar really works amazingly well.


So how do you make it??

Whipped coffee recipe

2 Tbs. Instant coffee
2 Tbs. Sugar
2 Tbs. Hot water

1/2 cup of milk

- Whip the first three ingredients together with a hand mixer until stiff and frothy. Depending on your mixer speed, this can take 5-10 minutes.

- Load up a glass with ice, and pour your milk over it.

- Top with the frothy coffee, and mix together!


- Your water must be HOT or else it won't froth up! To make this easy, just use your microwave.

- Unfortunately, you cannot use regular ground coffee beans. It won't froth up at all.

- You can use white, brown, or raw sugar, but it must be granulated.

- Use any type of milk you want! Regular, almond, oat... it all tastes amazing.

- You can make it with hot or cold coffee... delicious either way! I chose to make it mine iced.

And just be warned... this coffee is instantly addicting! I don't normally have such sugary drinks but found myself chugging down both mine and polishing off my husbands' as well 😂

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Whipped coffee recipe

Whipped coffee recipe dalagona coffee

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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so good! I've seen someone else make it on Instagram stories and was thoroughly intrigued. Would have to try it once we get our hands on some instant coffee.

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