Spring Outfit - Candy Colored Stipes 🍭

Spring Outfit - Candy Colored Stipes 🍭

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far! I mean... considering ðŸ˜ I was just looking back at these photos from the end of March and decided that it might be time for a style post.

And I was just thinking... I know everyone goes crazy over everything floral in the spring... but aren't stripes in bright colors just as gorgeous?

Spring fashion posts_1

Spring fashion posts-2_1

This is an outfit that I wore earlier in the season before the quarantine started getting intense and I started working from home more. I remember I'd been lusting after this striped vintage tee from Madewell, but it sold out!

It turns out I got super lucky when I walked into one of their stores one day in March. I found it there for $6 or something ridiculous. It's been my pride every since  😍

The cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom then. I remember thinking that mayyyybe we might get super lucky and avoid a total lockdown. I was hoping to keep going back to this spot and shooting with the blossoms (Remember this floral spring dress from last year?)

Well... no such luck. It would've been nice to get more shots of the cherry blossoms, but I'm glad I at least got these! ðŸŒ¸

Spring fashion posts-3_1

Also, It's sort of silly but this shirt reminded me so much of candy 🍭  I thought instantly of this lollipop I picked up to use as a prop for shoots, and brought it along with me when my husband and I were shooting this look!

Actually, this is a great example of how props instantly elevate your photoshoots!

You can pick up my prop styling guide below!


Either way, hope you're having a great week so far!! xx

Striped Shirt
Heart belt
Woven bag

Spring fashion posts-4_1

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