7 Fall Pumpkin Picking Outfit Ideas

7 Fall Pumpkin Picking Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for a good pumpkin picking outfit this fall? Then you're definitely in the right place!

I don't know about you, but I'm so excited that fall is almost here! The crunching leaves, hot drinks, and cozy sweaters... who doesn't love it? And if you're anything like me, you're already planning your first trip to the pumpkin patch.

It’s no secret that pumpkin picking is one of my all-time favorite fall activities. Every year, my husband and I visit his family in Upstate New York. We go to Golden Harvest Farms (more on that later) to pick our pumpkins and always come back with a great haul. Actually, it gets bigger and bigger every year, haha!

But being a blogger, I obviously love a nice, styled outfit! So when we do our trips, putting together cute pumpkin patch outfits is always at the top of the agenda.

I'll admit- thinking about what to wear to the pumpkin patch stumped me for a little while. But guess what? After a few years of getting dressed up and going to the pumpkin patch every fall, I developed a few go-to's that are a hit every time.

So now, it's time to pass them on to you! Without further ado, here’s 7 of my best ideas for Fall pumpkin patch outfits.

Denim, Denim, and more Denim

Denim is always a good idea for your Pumpkin picking outfit! Whether you’re going with a denim skirt, overalls, a denim jacket, or just some plain ole’ jeans, denim everything is always the easiest thing to wear to the pumpkin patch.

The best thing about denim- it’s super practical! When you’re hauling a bunch of pumpkins around, you want to be comfortable... Especially if you have a family and/ or are managing kiddos. Trust me, in these situations, you’ll be glad you opted for casual comfort.

Also, I love that denim works in any weather situation. And since we we all know that weather can fluctuate in the fall, choosing an easy denim option is super smart.

Below, I’m wearing a fun denim dress with a beret and mustard button-up shirt underneath!

Give 'em Pumpkin to Talk About

When you’re wondering what to wear to the pumpkin patch, why not take it there

And by there I mean wearing something with pumpkins ON it!

If you're deciding to go EXTRA with your pumpkin patch look trust me, this is the perfect statement.  And what's more- all kinds of clothing works for this!  T-shirts, sweaters, dresses, shoes- anything you can possibly think of that can fit a pumpkin on it.

Some might call you fall-obsessed. I say you've got the fall spirit! So if the spirit moves you, go ahead and find the pumpkin-themed outfit of your heart's desire and go to town.

My favorite pumpkin-themed look is this pumpkin shirt that I got from Etsy! It's served me well for several seasons, and the detailed design is just so cute. Etsy is also a great option if you want to support small artists!

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Halloween Costumes

Hoping to find ingredients for your fall witches’ brew at the pumpkin patch? Why not dress up like a witch while you’re at it! (Or go with whatever your favorite Halloween look is.)

If you've never experienced dressing up in a Halloween costume to go pumpkin picking, I highly recommend it. It adds so much fun and excitement, and gives your trip those extra special spooky vibes.

And the beauty of doing a Halloween-themed pumpkin patch day? It’s a great idea if you’re going in a group! Round up a bunch of your besties, or get your whole family in on the act. 

Then watch as you turn the pumpkin patch into one festive party.

I personally chose to go a little Halloween-lite with the Wednesday Addams dress below. You can do the same, or plan your full Halloween fantasy!

Fall Colors

Okay, so going crazy with the pumpkin attire and decking yourself out in costume isn’t for you. Gotcha. You’re looking for something a little more low-key. 

In that case, fall colors will never fail you!

In fact, classic fall colors will always be the standard when it comes to planning cute outfits for pumpkin patch. You really can’t go wrong with a good orange, brown, mustard ensemble. 

There's so many ways to do this! You might just want to add a hint of color for subtlety, or go with bold brights. Maybe you want one fun statement piece, or to wear several, all in a different colors.

Just pull a cute sweater, shirt, hat, or skirt (or all!) in a classic fall color. Add in some jeans, a fun accessory, and you’ll be good to go!

EXTRA TIP! If you want to be even more subtle, you can also choose to go with a burgundy or hunter green. These colors aren’t as-on-the-nose as yellow and orange, they’re still great colors that scream ‘fall.’

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Boots and Booties

Another fall classic- a great pair of boots! You’ll never go wrong with cute boots when you're pumpkin picking.

All kinds of boots are amazing for the pumpkin patch- Chelsea ankle boots, lace-ups, Dr. Martens, over-the-knee boots... so many great options! So just choose an style that compliments the other parts of your outfit the most. For instance, tall boots with skinny jeans is always a classic.

While you're planning your outfit, here's another thing to consider- are you angling for comfort or style? I like to do a mix of both. I've had enough experiences to know that an uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin your day. So I always make sure my shoes fit properly, and try to stick with a 2" heel. 

But if your preference is style... bust out those 5-inch platforms girl. Rock it out.

((Bonus points if you choose a fall classic ‘fall’ color for your boots, like tan, brown, or caramel!))

Cozy Sweaters

When all else fails, grab a cozy sweater and call it a day! 

A cozy sweater for pumpkin picking is practically fail-proof. Cardigans are my favorite, as I like the option of taking it off when I'm hot. But pullovers are popular too!

Most everyone has at least one cozy sweater in their stash, as it's such a staple for cold weather. And if you don't have a cozy sweater? Girl, you should! 

I've found them at TJ Maxx for as little as $12. But my current favorite are the ones from KJP (pricier but so worth it!)

If you're following all my other tips, best choice is obviously a cozy sweater in a fall color with pumpkins on it  🎃☺️

Graphic Tees

One of my favorite ideas for cute pumpkin picking outfits is to add a fun graphic tee! 

I love graphic tees in general, but they're especially fun to style during the holidays. And of course, that includes Halloween.

The best thing about a graphic tee is that you can style it to be casual or dressed up. I just LOVE when I see graphic tees paired with a dressier skirt and heels/ boots. This would be perfect for a more stylish version of a pumpkin patch outfit. 

However, you can also go more casual with a pair of jeans! So versatile, no?

BONUS TIP! My favorite places to score Halloween and fall graphic tees are Old Navy, Etsy, 6 Dollar Shirts, and Target!

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Where to go Pumpkin Picking Near NYC

Everyone knows that day trip of pumpkin picking near NYC is one of the best fall activities. All you need to do is grab a ZipCar, some friends, and head to one of your favorite pumpkin spots. And guys, there are SO many great pumpkin picking options!

But let me give you a tip to where my absolute favorite place to go is- it's Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie, NY. We love coming here, as it's family tradition (my husband’s parents live in the area).

It’s a little bit further away from NYC than some of the other popular places- about a 2 hour drive from the city. But if you make it a day of it, the experience is well worth it! 

First of all, pumpkins are often half the price of the farms closer to NYC!

Not only that, but you’ll drive past some gorgeous fall foliage on the way up via the Teconic Parkway. And once you get there, they have a distillery with several spirits available for tasting. They also just opened up a new restaurant so you can grab a bite to eat too!

Are You Planning Fall Activities Soon?

Here's a few of my favorite fall activities in the NYC area-

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