KJP Sweater Review - Big Cozy Leaf, Evergreen, & Cozy Cabin Moose

KJP Sweater Review - Big Cozy Leaf, Evergreen, & Cozy Cabin Moose

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Searching for a KJP sweater review? Good news- You’re in the right place!

Let me guess- you’ve been seeing Kiel James Patrick sweaters all over your Instagram for awhile now. Maybe you saw that famous video of the jack o’lantern pouring a latte into his face (while of course, wearing the KJP pumpkin sweater.)

Or maybe you’ve simply seen your favorite of influencer wearing their KJP leaf sweater while foliage peeping and pumpkin picking their way across the northeast.

I totally get it! I was charmed by the aesthetic too. Kiel James Patrick sweaters ooze New England charm and warmth. Makes you think of the coziest days having apple cider in the pumpkin patch, and hot cocoa watching the at home snow fall.

Like you, I’ve been seeing them year after year on my favorite bloggers and influencers, and searching for KJP sweater reviews. After so much time lusting, this is the year that I finally decided to pull the trigger order a KJP sweater of my very own!

And guess what else- I didn’t order just one… I ended up getting two! (three if you include the one I gifted to my husband then borrowed, haha.)

Since I've had them for awhile, I wanted to a review! I’ll be showing you three designs, two materials, and two fits.

I decided to do a Kiel James Patrick sweaters review for a few reasons-

Why Did I Do a Kiel James Patrick Sweater Review?

  • $130 for a sweater is not an insignificant amount of money. As I was making my purchase, I was doing a ton of research- Googling and reading as many KJP sweater reviews as possible. And guess what? There wasn’t a lot out there. So I wanted to provide a resource to people looking to know if their money would be well spent.

  • When I shop for clothes, I’m very particular about the way they fit. I like to see a lot of pictures on different body types to gauge the fit accurately. I didn’t find many images or blog reviews for these KJP sweaters online. So I wanted to provide photographs for people looking to see how the sweaters might look on them!

  • I bought these sweaters on my own- they weren’t gifted or part of a social media campaign. So you can take my Kiel James Patrick sweater reviews at face value.... there’s no hidden agenda.

...Now onto the reviews!

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1. Kiel James Patrick Big Cozy Leaf Sweater

For my first purchase, I decided on this classic KJP fall sweater- the Big Cozy Leaf.

(It's sold out right now, but similar KJP fall sweater here!)

They originally sold the sweater only in green. But this year they came out with two new colors- orange and tan. 

I was excited about these new colors and took the plunge! I ordered it in tan. It’s the perfect KJP fall sweater, and I like that it can be worn from September-November, not just on Halloween.

And before we go on, I’d just like to note one thing… even the shipping package is absolutely gorgeous! It definitely adds to the whole experience, and makes your order feel special. I even had trouble throwing the packaging away, because it was so nice!


This sweater is comprised of 30% Wool and 70% Acrylic blend. When I initially ordered, I was concerned about the material. My skin is very sensitive, and I usually can’t tolerate wool.

That said, I was surprised by the comfort of the KJP leaf sweater! The first time I wore it was at a photoshoot, and was nervous I’d be itchy the whole time and dying to take it off.

My skin was slightly irritated when I first put it on. But to my surprise, I hardly noticed it at all after that. It was soft and cozy, and I went through the whole rest of the day fine (I also layered a t-shirt underneath.)


The site says it’s a “tailored unisex” style, and that ladies should size down. I looked at the size chart, but I was still unsure what to order. I prefer my sweaters either very fitted, or super duper baggy.

I decided to go for the size Small, which has a 42” bust, and it ended up working quite well! It didn't swallow me up like a lot of unisex fits do, and that was much appreciated

I also got to try the same sweater in an XS, which my friend ordered. This size was more of a fitted look on me without being too tight. I’m still more than happy with my size S, since the overall fit is tailored.

I'm wearing the size XS in the very first picture, and the size S in the photos below.

(For reference I’m around a size 10-12, with a 38” bust and 31” waist.)

Bottom line- this is a perfect Kiel James Patrick fall sweater! I'd recommend it.

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2. Kiel James Patrick Evergreen Sweater

Even though the Big Cozy Leaf sweater was my first, the KJP Evergreen sweater is the one that I’ve been dreaming about basically forever. The design is just SO adorable, and I just can’t resist those pretty pine trees. It makes me feel cozy just looking at it!


The material was interesting! The site simply says that it’s a “Wool Acrylic Blend” -- there's no content breakdown. So I had no idea what the wool content would be, or if it would be scratchy.

Luckily, I found this sweater’s material to be much softer than the Big Cozy Leaf sweater. It's honestly just super cozy, and feels so warm on a winter day.


The chest measurements were basically the same as the Big Cozy Leaf Sweater (42”). But on the site, it says this is a 'Women’s fit.' According to the size chart, it’s more narrow in the shoulders, shorter in length, and longer in the sleeves.

After some deliberation, I decided on ordering the size Medium.

Overall, I found the Evergreen Sweater to be tighter everywhere than the Big Cozy Leaf sweater... I was glad I went with the medium. It juuust fits me in the shoulders and chest. Which is fine! The leaf sweater was less fitted than I’d like, so I considered the purchase a success.

Bottom line- It’s a super versatile KJP Christmas sweater, as it can be worn during the holidays and through the rest of the winter. It’s a hit!

Kiel James Patrick Evergreen sweater — KJP sweater review — KJP Christmas sweater — KJP sweater — Kiel James Patrick sweater — Kiel James Patrick sweater review

3. Kiel James Patrick Cozy Cabin Moose Sweater

I technically got the KJP Cozy Cabin Moose sweater for my husband, but I just had to sneak it out of his wardrobe and wear it for an early winter photoshoot! (He also wore it for Thanksgiving- check out that adorable pic!)


The material is similar to the Big Cozy Leaf sweater- a 30% Wool 70% Acrylic blend. So it’s slightly scratchy for me, but hardly noticeable. And it doesn’t bother my husband in the slightest.


The fit is also similar to the Big Cozy Leaf sweater, in that it’s the 'tailored unisex' style. 

I ordered a Medium for him. I found it a bit too baggy on me, but it fit him just great (if not a tiiiny bit tight.)

If you're a woman and like your sweaters more roomy, definitely size up. But if you like them more fitted, you can get away with going down 1-2 sizes from your normal.


If I’m being honest, the only downside for me for this sweater is the design.... It disappointed me just a tad in person. On the site, the colors are bright and vibrant like an Instagram photo. But in person, it’s darker and duller.

I'm not saying I don't love it! It's still a gorgeous sweater, and my husband couldn’t be happier with it. 

I just wish that the photo editing on the site was more consistent with the actual design.

KJP Cozy Cabin Moose Sweater — KIEL JAMES PATRICK Cozy Cabin Moose Sweater — KJP sweater review — Kiel James Patrick sweater — KJP Christmas sweater — KJP Sweater

KJP Cozy Cabin Moose Sweater — KIEL JAMES PATRICK Cozy Cabin Moose Sweater — KJP sweater review — Kiel James Patrick sweater — KJP Christmas sweater — KJP Sweater


In a word… yes, I feel they are worth it!

The designs are unique, and the materials are high quality. However beautiful the designs appear online, they are even more eye-catching, intricate, and well-made in person (with the exception of the Cozy Cabin Moose.) I received so many compliments!

I’m excited to start wearing these sweaters as a new tradition during the holiday season.

Also, I’ve only been wearing these sweaters for a few months, so I don’t know how they’ll hold up in the long term. However, I feel that they are high quality, and they haven’t pilled yet.


I have two more nuggets of wisdom to share with you about Kiel James Patrick Sweaters!

I still think $130 is a lot to spend on a sweater if it’s not going to be in your rotation very frequently. So my suggestion is to look out for sales. There are usually end-of-season sales, as well as Black Friday deals. I got the Evergreen sweater and Cozy Cabin Moose sweater during Black Friday!

Also, if getting a particular design is your goal and money is no object, then pre-ordering is DEFINITELY the name of the game.

A lot of the more popular designs sell out. So to make sure on top of their releases, sign up for their mailing list. They send out frequent emails announcing when particular designs are coming out.

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