New? Start Here!

New? Start Here!

I'm Chantilly.  Lovely to meet you!

I'm an NYC area content creator (by way of New England) sharing travel ideas, fashion, home, and lifestyle favorites. 

I'm a former singer-songwriter and started this blog to promote my music. I kept the name once it evolved into a lifestyle blog. 

Songs are just stories, after all. And I like the idea that "ChantillySongs" is how I tell the story of my life!

I have a passion for local travel, road trips, small towns, and unique places. I've been all over NY, NJ, PA and New England, and am always sharing my adventures on Instagram and Tiktok!

An introvert at heart, I love being at home. Journaling, self care, apartment decor, and Target runs are some of my favorite things.

I live with my husband, Matt, and three gorgeous cats.

You'll never catch me without my morning coffee or favorite pair of eyelashes.

chantillysongs (@) 

Thanks for reading along :) If you'd like to know more, you can find me at any one of these places:

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