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New? Start Here!

I'm Chantilly.  Lovely to meet you :)

I'm a singer-songwriter and lifestyle blogger based in Queens, NY.

To put it simply, creating music makes me deeply happy.  Writing this blog gave me a voice.

I live for self-expression.  I believe creativity heals.   And inward reflection is necessary for happiness.

I live with my husband, Matt, and three cats.

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hat & crochet

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I think a lot about self improvement, creativity, and how to spend all my days in cafes.

I write a lot of this blog about things that inspire me, outfits I wear, food I eat, places I go, and projects I do.

I write a lot of my songs about silly heartbreaks, impossible attractions, improbable fantasies, and things otherwise inappropriate or for everyday conversation.

photo by matt panton

Life is never what I expect it to be. This is wonderful and maddening.

I don't have all the answers, but I have some. Most of which I've learned the hard way.

To get a better sense of me, here are a few of my favorite/ most popular posts-

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Also, here are a few themes that reoccur throughout my blog-

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Thanks for reading along :) If you'd like to know more, you can find me at any one of these places:

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