July 21, 2014

Cucumber Mask DIY - 3 Easy Ways

Cucumber mask diy

I know it looks like I'm about to show you a recipe for salsa, but guess again.  Haha.  Instead, I've got three ways to make a lovely and refreshing cucumber mask.  Perfect way to beat the heat and stay beautiful :)

July 18, 2014

Workshop Update

brooklyn rooftop
brooklyn rooftop
brooklyn rooftop
brooklyn rooftop

Another round of Noise Collective workshops has gone by, and I almost forgot to post about it!  I've got to get better at that... I want to share so much more of what goes on in my musical life, but the content is not always inherently visual.   Either way, here's some creativity in action for you :)

This time, I hosted around ten artists at my place, and we split people into groups where they would come up with an amazing song or idea (within an hour!), and then all share their new songs at the end.   A few groups took to the rooftop this time, and also my stairwell :P

It really is awesome to hear what everyone comes up with... and for most people, it's something they never would've thought of if they didn't have a cowriting partner.  That's part of why I love doing this so much.

Yay artists!!

PS, speaking of new musical creations, my friend Jamie- my guitar co-teacher from my first year of camp just released a new album with his band- Gorilla Punch Radio.  I'm so proud of him, and know how much work it takes to release a record!   You can listen to their music here.

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July 16, 2014

Sunglasses Storage Solution

Sunglasses collection
Recent addiction...

I don't know what it is about sunglasses, but I'm especially addicted to them this summer.  I've bought about ten pairs in the past three months.  I think it's because they're a cheap thrill, and can make you look cool and sexy in two seconds... even under un-sexy circumstances like greasy hair, and wearing clothes that you've slept in for two days (what?  it happens...)

July 14, 2014

Country Mouse

5th of july 5th of july

Just a couple of pics from 4th of July weekend in Rhode Island.  I've gotta admit- I don't know if this could really be considered an "outfit" since these are lounging-around clothes.  You must be thinking-  "Gurl, are those sweat shorts??"  Yup.

July 11, 2014

Coney Island

Oh nothing, just a little trip to Coney Island...

We did lots of touristy stuff, like eating at Nathan's, and riding the Wonder Wheel!.  Plus there was some non-touristy stuff, like having a large man in a bikini twerk and wink at us as we were eating nachos.  Just a normal day, really...

But behold its majesty- a shot of the beach from the top of the Wonder Wheel!

coney island ny
We look like ants...

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