August 18, 2014



Sometimes I can't always express everything.  Ideas and thoughts run in and out of my head so fast.  I can't catch them.  It makes writing here a challenge sometimes, because a thought will inspire me... and later I will sit down to write a post, to write about why something was important.  But can't remember why.

Anyway... a small break here at the blog is needed.  I already haven't posted for about a week, and I can't believe where the time went.  I think more time is needed... maybe till the end of summer.  I want to be inspired again.  I want to remember why I make posts.

I will be back though :)  Maybe with a less frequent posting schedule.  Maybe incorporating more songs.  Not sure yet.  Sit tight.  xx

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August 08, 2014

At the moment...


Man, I haven't done one of these "currently" posts in a super long time... maybe years?


August 06, 2014

Watermelon Lemondrop Cocktail

Lemon Watermelon drink recipe

I made these recently for a get-together with some friends, and they were a big hit.  Even the guys liked them :)  It's sweet and tart... a bit like a watermelon jolly rancher, but probably even more delicious.

August 04, 2014

Woman in Black

black outfit

My color palette has been narrowing down a bit lately...

July 31, 2014

Milk and Honey Recipe

perfect warm milk recipe

When I received my awesome raw honey package last month, I got to asking myself what else I could do with all this delicious honey I had laying around.  Then the idea of milk and honey popped in my head.  It's a delicious-sounding phrase, you know?  It brings to mind all the pleasures there are out there in the world, right at your fingertips.

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