February 10, 2015

Forever and a Day


forever 21 shirred peasant dress

Yeesh, it's been a super long time since I updated this blog.  Rather than jumping back in the game out of nowhere with several little posts,  I wanted to do a big 'ol update, with lots of little doo-dads and odds n' ends from my lyfe.  Plus a style post, natch (hard to come by these days!  Super cold + other life stuffs getting in the way.... )

January 05, 2015

Jewel Green

20141220-IMG_9408 20141220-IMG_9409

It was quite cold out on this day!

I got this pretty green dress last year when the weather was warming up, so I didn't get to wear it much.  So glad I finally get to break it out.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays :)



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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I am having the most amazing Christmas this year.  I hope you are too!!  (If Christmas is your thing.)

We just had this huge pile of wrapping paper in the middle of the floor, and it looked like a mountain...

xxo.  talk soon.

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December 24, 2014

Little Silver Ring

So!  It's Christmas Eve.  Where did the time go?

Everyone will probably be out now doing last-minute shopping, or making cooking preparations.  But hopefully some of you can stick around for a few minutes to talk about jewelry with me :)

A few beautiful trinkets.... ring from OneNecklace <3 i="">

I don't have a lot of "real" jewelry in my collection, nor have I really wanted it.  Gold, silver, platinum,... they hold no allure for me.  Where I grew up, people used their gold chains and diamond stud earrings to try and convey their wealth and power status... an exercise I hated.  And somwhere, I developed a very strong conviction to wear those mood-ring earrings I got at Claire's to prove my point of how silly it all was.  Sigh, teenagehood....  Now, I've got a treasured collection of pendants and rings from places like F21, UO, Anthropologie, and various internet sites.

So when I was contacted by OneNecklace, a place that sells necklaces made of precious metals, I was actually... excited!  I took note of a couple cute things... namely, a sterling silver ring, done in style that I like and want to wear :)

Color me happy!


OneNecklace was very easy to deal with, and went out of their way to help deal with the shipping quirks for my building.  Their main thing is that they sell nameplate necklaces... which I already have actually!  A woman really only needs one "Carrie" necklace in her life.  (Or does she... ??)   Well, if I'd decided otherwise, the amount of choices on this website is staggering.  They have TONS of different fonts and styles to choose from.  Made me curious to try out one of the necklaces for a #throwback :P

As for the ring, I've been wearing it for a few weeks ( I meant to post this review sooner!), and it's definitely quality!  It was a little smaller than I was expecting, but still totally cute.   They personalize most things on the site, so I could've gotten this ring engraved if I wanted!  I declined, but thought it was a nice service to offer.

Last thing:  they're offering all my readers a 10% discount with the code CHANTILLY.  SUPER stellar deal, and I hope some of you take advantage of it!!  Again, the site is here.


Hope everyone out there is having an amazing holiday so far.  Things may be opening up... I might be updating again more soon :)  We'll see...

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December 03, 2014

Thanksgiving ++

I think I finally get Instagram.

Always the latecomer to the party....

This Thanksgiving, we traveled up to Maine to celebrate the holiday with my brother, and congratulate him on buying his first house (!!)   The whole family stayed with him, and he's still making himself at home there.  So there were a few less comforts than I'm used to.  Such as, we slept on the floor in his living room, there was no internet or TV, and I showered once in five days.   Things were cramped and cold, but also filled with lots of spirited conversation and love.  

... And all the pretty photo ops I had planned in my head went poof like a billow of smoke  :P

But amid the chaos, I found it a little easier to whip out my phone and capture little moments, rather than take out my camera.  I do love the camera, and obviously it takes amazing photos... but it can be so unwieldy!  Thus my new love of Instagram was born.

Anyway, we got lucky and it snowed the most majestic snow on Thanksgiving day.  We ate while the white was blinding us out the windows.

(some pictures from the camera!)

We found some time to go out around town and explore the cute little shops (a favorite hobby of mine... pics below!)  We also played games, visited thrift stores, and talked A LOT :)  It was really nice to see my brother again, as he lives so far away.


I think I'll be updating my Instagram a lot more often.  It's such an easy way to take photos and chronicle life.   I FINALLY get it!!  So if you're not following me already, do it here!!   I'll continue to post some of the images here and flesh out stories, as well as post outfits, recipes, and anything else that strikes my fancy :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  Totally psyched for Christmas.

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