February 29, 2012

guest posting ~ life in beta

hey-llo friends.

it's gloomy in the city today, but hopefully this guest post will cheer you up! i'm hanging out over at life in beta, and the weather is much nicer there.

come visit...

chantilly outfit 5


i'm sure you've heard, but tomorrow is the big change in google friend connect. i think i'm in the clear, since my platform is blogger. but i just wanted to highlight some other ways to follow me, in case you don't have a blogger blog-

bloglovin- many people love this, and i have a feeling it's gonna become the new "in" thang.
twitter- i often tell my followers when i do a new post. plus you can find out lots of other fun/ random/ tmi things about me :)
feedburner- i must tell you, i have zero experience with feedburner, and actually just made my feed today. but it's popular. and people use it. so there it is :)

hope everyone is having a great day!!



ps, there's still time to enter my vintage apron giveaway. go here!! xo

vintage apron giveaway

February 28, 2012

Interview with Caitlin of Doverpeak

today i'm catching up with the lovely caitlin of doverpeak. i found her blog surfing around, and i'm so glad i did :) check out her awesomeness in this here interview!

1. Introduce yourself!

Hello there! My name is Caitlin and I blog over at doverpeak.

2. What's your blog about? Why do you keep one?

I mostly blog about my outfits and adventures but I sometimes delve on personals things. I've lost some weight over the past year so I'd like to eventually include my weight loss journey into my posts, as well. I keep this blog because I like to document things. My outfits, my body shape, 'what's in my bag', current nail color, etc. So, one day when I'm old and gray and I've lost my mind, I can look back and see all of my craziness and loveliness and all the wonderful, supportive people who were along for the ride.

3. What are your favorite weekend activities?

It sort of depends on the season but generally my favorite activities are thrifting, going to the beach, going on picnics, hiking can be lovely, hanging out in my underwear all day watching Netflix, getting out to Brooklyn, movies, any adventuring, really.

4. Do you have a day job, or do you work for yourself?

I do. I'm a hairdresser but I also work at a deli. It's not an ideal job but it's a job, so I can't really complain too much.

5. What do you think of Garden Gnomes?

I'm not really sure. It would be kind of cool to think they wander around at night.

6. What's your favorite color? Why?

Any shade of green. Green just signifies freshness and new life to me. It also tends to be a flattering color on me.

7. If you could be a mythical creature, what would it be?

I would absolutely be a mermaid. I love the ocean and I couldn't imagine living anywhere land-locked. It would be the neatest thing to be almost as capable as a human but to be able to explore the ocean without the danger. Plus, I'd have sassy long locks. I actually have a mermaid tattoo on my leg.



February 27, 2012


check out my new favorite skirt :) i've had my eye on this one for awhile...

american apparel 2
photos by matthew panton

my friend damon and i went out shopping last week, as part of his kickstarter reward. i picked him out some cool stuff, but as an extra thank you, he wanted to get me an item of clothing!

we were near an american apparel, so i chose this skirt. it's a corduroy circle skirt... the shape is so flattering that now i wish i had them in every color.

i also wish i had more of these little vintage button-up shirts... i wear this one so much!

american apparel 4

american apparel 6

shirt- vintage
skirt- american apparel
tights- hue
dreamcatcher necklace- foxwoods casino
booties- vance c/o blowfish shoes

american apparel 7

american apparel 8

i hope everyone had a nice weekend.

i've been sort of a shut-in... but the good news is i think i finish the cd artwork! sort of... it still needs some tweaks, and i need to show it to someone who can tell me if i did everything right. but other than that... it's done.

i can't believe i designed cd artwork. this is weird (but cool.)


February 26, 2012

sunday songs ~ a trip to the moon

last night, we watched the movie hugo. the plotline revolved around the turn of the century filmmaker, george melies. i hadn't heard of him before, but the movie was beautiful. it made me want to find out more, so i looked him up.

i found out that one of his most famous works was a film called a trip to the moon. and it's really quite magical...

my friend zach mentioned that the video for "tonight, tonight" by the smashing pumpkins was inspired by this work. after viewing both, you can obviously see the influence.

what is it about this song and the dreamy visuals that make my heart ache in the absolute perfect way? such a lovely tribute to the original filmmaker.

sigh... don't you miss the 90's?



February 25, 2012

Meet the February Sponsors!!

{{sort of like meeting the family, but with cuter outfits}}

i'm so thrilled and honored again this month to have such lovely blog sponsors. i genuinely think that every one of them is the bees knees. please take a look at their blogs, leave them several nice comments, and purchase things from their pretty shops!! :)


Hello there, my real name is Caitlin. On the internet I generally answer to doverpeak. I often blog about my outfits, current nail color, and pretty much anything that grows out of the ground. I'm an avid hitRECorder and self-proclaimed film aficionado. Let's be friends!

blog | tumblr | twitter | instagram

life in beta

LifeInBeta is my personal blog about life, family, design, DIY and anything/everything geeky! Stop by, say hello, and share in my adventure as I turn 30 (Feb. 24th - eek!) this year!


humble pie

Hi, My name is Arielle and I blog at Humble Pie Vintage. I love animals more than people. I am a vagabond at heart and I suffer from wanderlust. I dream of owning a Victorian home one day and living near rocky beaches. I'm a thrift shop junkie, I'm superstitious, I don't like coffee, I do love reading, and there's a 89% chance I might end up a crazy, cat lady. I blog about vintage, history, thrift scores, nostalgic movies and more.


sew savoire faire
jenna sponsor

Hello lovelies! My name is Jenna and I am the mad scientist behind my blog SewSavoirFaire and my shop GeorgiaPeachVintage.
You'll find weekly outfit posts, cats, and the ever changing "day in the life" antics on my blog and at my shop you'll find a wide array of kitschy, cute, and fabulous vintage finds! Come by and say hello because I truly love meeting new bloggy friends and new blogs to read!


red label beautifully pure

Hi, my name is Katie. I'm the blogger gal behind Beautifully Pure. I enjoy music, photography, and DIY projects, which I share on my blog along with my personal style. Some call me crazy, but I think life is more fun taken with a little bit of crazy. Wouldn't you agree?


red label blowfish

We think personal style is just another form of self-expression, and we make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There’s something unexpected in every shoe we create, just as there’s something unexpected about every girl who wears them.


red label ampersand

I'm a sewer, a crafter, a voracious thrifter, potential hoarder, and owner of a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I'm a writer and a designer, but mostly just a secret cat lady. A is for Ampersand is about all of things with a little bit of thrifty goodness and old-fashioned magic for good measure.



February 23, 2012

pesto bruchetta recipe

since i hate onions and tomatoes, i always avoid bruchetta at restaurants. however, this one italian place we went to recently had fresh pesto topped bruchetta. it was absolutely so delicious, that i decided i needed to whip some up at home! it wasn't that hard, and was SO GOOD.

2 cups fresh basil leaves, packed
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
a little less than 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup pine nuts
3 medium sized garlic cloves, minced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 Loaf of Italian Bread


~ Preheat oven to 350 degrees
~ Add garlic to food processor/ magic bullet and pulse a few times.
~ Combine the basil in with the pine nuts, pulse again.
~ I used a magic bullet, so it was slow going at first. I had to pulse and pulse until I finally got most of it chopped. Once I added the olive oil, it was smooth sailing... so I suggest adding some of that in first if you have a magic bullet!
~ Slowly add the olive oil a bit at a time.
~ Add the grated cheese and pulse again until blended.
~ Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

(if you wish to freeze your pesto- omit the cheese and pine nuts, and add at a later date! you WILL have pesto leftover, so this might be a good option.)

~ Cut Italian bread into thin slices, and place on a baking sheet.
~ Bake the slices for about 10 minutes.
~ Spread pesto onto the bread slices, and serve!!


Expert tip: use good olive oil.

While the pesto we made was good, it would've been even better if we'd made sure we had some better quality stuff on hand. (I'm partial to the unfiltered organic olive oil from Trader Joe's, but unfortunately there was none around.)


pesto bruchetta


February 21, 2012

vintage heaven

i've been meaning to post about this for awhile... but between lulu's and pete's, and everything else going on, this post sadly got put on the backburner!

as some of you might know, my parents recently opened a secondhand/ vintage furniture business. they get to do fun things like go to auctions, estate sales, and do "house hauls" to find their stock (meaning when someone passes away, they pay the house owner to come in and haul away whatever they don't want.)

they stumble onto some pretty cool stuff this way.

one day on a recent visit, i woke up to find about 20 vintage aprons on a pile on the floor. they kept a few to sell in their store, and the rest i got to take home!!

chantilly vintage aprons

some of them were in perfect condition, and others were damaged beyond repair. i'm going to use those as scrap fabric for crafts/ projects.

along with the aprons, there was a huge bag of the most adorable vintage hankies! i snagged about 15 of them. when you think about it, it's so wasteful to use tissues... can't wait to start using these :)

chantilly vintage hankies

at some point, i found a paper with the name of woman who died. the woman whose things i was going through. her name was hazel.

all of a sudden, it became different than say, a trip to the vintage store- an experience which removes you from the person who previously owned the items. everything in my hands now had a history.

i felt a twinge of guilt, but it also made me feel very connected to hazel. i was sad that she had to pass on. but i was also happy to be giving her special belongings, which were so much a part of her daily routines, a new life. they are going to be cherished and cared for all over again.

anyway, they also found this amazing purse in perfect condition. it's as if hazel bought it in the 1950's and never used it at all.

chantilly vintage purse

lastly, and perhaps best of all, they procured a bunch of vintage hats!! you can tell which ones she wore and loved frequently, and which ones were just for special occasions. i snagged the two beauties below (one of them seen in this post)

chantilly vintage hats

off subject a bit, but i also brought home some thrifted goodies from my trip... i found a few good shirts...

thrifted shirts

and this amazing velvet shirt/ dress/ thing. i was uninterested in it at first... but it's so unique, with its old-school rock star charm. like something stephen tyler would wear. plus when i got it home, i found $20 in the pocket! the thing paid for itself.

thirfted velvet

thanks everyone, for having a look through my finds with me :) have a beautiful day. xoxox


February 20, 2012

towering above

i kind of really love my new vance boots from blowfish.

chantilly blowfish vance 2

chantilly blowfish vance 6

i wasn't sure about them. i've seen a whole lot of other bloggers look fabulous in them. before i lived in nyc, i used to love wearing heels. but i just can't do it anymore. i'm a fast-walker, and like to get to where i'm going in a hurry. heels often prevent me from doing that.

and if they turn out to be uncomfortable, lord have mercy...

there is NOTHING more miserable than walking around the city for an hour or more in uncomfortable shoes. i don't care how many episodes of sex in the city episodes you've watched saying otherwise. those ladies are fancy and take cabs everywhere. this girl walks.


chantilly blowfish vance 4

these shoes make me feel like a total sex bomb.

chantilly blowfish vance 5

also... i wore them out on valentine's day AND to a magazine launch party this weekend. survey says for nyc walking and comfortability.... not so bad! considering these babies are five inches high, i can speed along in them pretty decently. and as far as walking in them for an extended amount of time... surprisingly manageable!

so happy i took the chance :)

chantilly blowfish vance 7

chantilly blowfish vance 10

chantilly blowfish vance 9

< br />
cardigan- anthropologie
scarf- thrifted, ri
shirt- forever 21
necklace- etsy
skirt- thrifted, ri
tights- forever 21
socks- sock dreams
vance booties c/o blowfish shoes

chantilly blowfish vance 8



ps, we have a winner for the urban outfitter's giveaway! congratulations to the lively little miss (who also happens to have left me the cutest comment in giveaway history.) i'll be contacting you soon!

urban winner
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