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A Bushwick Community Garden

It's pretty impossible to imagine a community garden, complete with chicken coops and actual chickens, in the midst of a noisy and garbage-strewn main drag in Brooklyn. Yet that's exactly what I pass by every time I walk down Broadway. Perhaps I'm on my way to Mr. Kiwi's organic store, or Little Skips Cafe (or just mayyybe somewhere less hipsterrific... like Family Dollar, or KFC :P)

Either way- a rad group of people took the time to try and better their community by installing this little oasis in the middle of all the chaos. Pretty beautiful, right?

I remember seeing people working in there when I first glimpsed it. I passed by it very slowly, trying to sink in every detail. It looked like such a little utopia that the grimy City could never touch (although you'll see remnants of the City in the pictures- like the graffiti, or the fact that I had to take the pictures through a chain link fence.) I wanted to find out more, but at the time, was too shy to go in and ask how to get involved.

On this day when I happened by, there was no one in the garden. It was locked up, so I did have to take my pictures through the fence. Still. I'm glad it's there. That people care enough to make something like this a reality. It's kind of incredible.

Bushwick Community Garden Bushwick Community Garden Bushwick Community Garden Bushwick Community Garden Bushwick Community Garden


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  1. That's really great that they have that. I signed up for the waiting list for our community garden....fingers crossed!

    Love the song and the video!

  2. yay! i'm happy there are more and more of these! we have one in Sandpoint, too

  3. That's really cool but I can't help but wonder how loud the chickens may get especially early in the morning. :) True story, the in the building I grew up in the Bronx, someone kept a rooster in the back and every morning we'd hear it! LOL!

  4. so sweet. it's good to see good things happening. <3

  5. hipsterrific = great word.

    I love this little garden and its handpainted signage.

  6. I love your video and your song. I am so sharing it with every every people I know. You are a talented and a beautiful lady. Thanks for inspiring.


  7. Anonymous1/19/2013

    Ah so sweet!! I'm definitely envious that you get to walk past there regularly :) I would love to have something like that around my home.

  8. I love all of these community gardens popping up, we are getting a lot more in Sydney lately too, it's awesome that the space is being used productively :)

  9. Fantastic place! Every city should have one :-)

  10. Anonymous1/19/2013

    That is amazing!! I love seeing the ways that people better their communities.

  11. Now how did I miss that Bushwick has a community garden? That's inspiring to see. (I'm a Brooklyn native and still visit pretty often.)

  12. Awe, what a cool place! And the photos came out lovely ;).

    Happy Saturday!

  13. Love this post!
    I'm curious though, have you announced the winner of the shabby apple giveaway? My fingers are still crossed! :)
    madame.kent at yahoo(dot)com

  14. How awesome is this! I wish we had something like this near us, I would adore being able to visit chickens!

  15. I love community gardens so much! Thanks for sharing these photos. It warms my heart to see them :)

  16. I'm loving the urban farming trend that is happening. A friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to get chickens. And I would totally do it if I had the time. Something I'll keep in mind for the future.


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