Peanut butter cocoa cookies (and how they can benefit your social life) | Chantilly

Peanut butter cocoa cookies (and how they can benefit your social life)

How many of you out there like cookies? Let me guess... almost everyone. Well, recently I was possessed by a crazy cookie-spirit and made these. This recipe takes me allll the way back to my tween days. Can you picture that?

peanut butter cocoa cookies

Now, you might not believe it (or maybe you will), but life as a tween Chantilly was a lonely one. I was socially awkward, constantly worried about my weight (I was normal and healthy), and my biggest embarrassment in life was that I'd never had a boyfriend. I spent a lot of time by myself... singing in my private space in the attic, making up cheering routines (yeah, I was a cheerleader), or spending time with my family. Dreaming of a time when things could be different.

At some point, I cultivated baking as a hobby. I was making a lot of cookies, and getting pretty experimental in my recipes. I added some cocoa to one particular batch of peanut butter cookies, and I remember they tasted exactly like butterfingers.

Now, getting back to the socially awkward stuff for a second... in Chantilly-tween-land, getting invited to "go over" someone's house, or a friend "coming over" yours was a big deal. At least to me it was. I had basically no friends at that point, and was always overhearing the popular girls talking about being at each other's houses. I was mortified that I didn't have anyone to share this special friend-bonding ritual with.

Until one day... another loner/ cast-off like myself invited herself to my house... and it felt pretty awesome, even if she wasn't one of the "cool" girls. I remember her coming over... and she couldn't stop eating these butterfinger cookies I had made the day before. I took it as a compliment, and felt a sense of pride for my baking skills. We had a nice chat in my kitchen, and ended up being best friends for about five years.

We laughed, had adventures together, talked about sex, and physically faught once or twice. The friendship ended badly... but the experiences we had were worth it. And it all started with some cookies :) That hour spent in my kitchen getting to know someone new is what I was reminded of when I bit into this fresh batch in the here-and-now.

So the moral of the story is... bake cookies, and you will attract new friends :P Here are my super-secret tips to make the best friend-attracting-peanut-butter-cocoa cookies:

1~ Start with your favorite PB cookie recipe. For this, I used the one from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.
2~ Substitute butter-flavored crisco for butter. It might not be healthy, but this makes the cookies more delicious than you can believe. Trust the girl who did nothing but bake cookies for a solid year.
3~ Add cocoa powder liberally. I didn't use an exact measurement... I just kept adding and taste-testing until it was to my liking.

That's it! Enjoy :)

peanut butter cocoa cookies


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  1. These look fab! You have made me totally crave PB cookies the idea of adding cocoa powder to them too mmm! I totally agree with good food bringing people closer ha - and what food is better than cookies?! YUM.

    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

  2. Your story about your lonely teenage years totally took me back to those old days in my life, ha. I was always a happy loner, I'd say, and I also thought that I'd never ever have a boyfriend. I'm glad life has proved me wrong.

    Anyway, as for the cookies, I'm not a peanut butter fan at all, but these ones look really good! :p


  3. These look soooo delish!!! I am so bummed that my husband hates pb :( These still might get made pretty soon though lol

  4. they look amazing! and baking or making food in general definitely gets you new friends, haha:-) x

  5. That was a great post! And some lovely advice as well. I have plans of baking more after I've moved into my own place, so I'll find out then if it works for me too;)

    And these cookies do look delicious by the way!

  6. YUM! I will have to add some cocoa to my favorite Easy PB Cookie recipe that's flour-less!

  7. Sorry the relationship ended badly but that was still a lovely post! The title made me giggle a bit :) I am unfortunately absolutely atrocious at baking...but I may have to try these!

    Allie @
    P.s. my blog is brand new so any visitors are so so appreciated!!

  8. Lordy, these look good!

    (I like your tween recollections - sounds awfully similar to mine, heh.)


  9. Those look great! and I'm happy and sad with the story. But, hey you got cookies!

  10. Sounds like a dream recipe! I really want to try it :)

  11. For as many times as I made these cookies, I've never added cocoa. Hello, genius!! I had to laugh at this - I had a similar friendship like this - in the end it crashed & burned but oh those memories baking were sweet enough to make me look back & smile :-)


  13. wow i loved reading this post. you're not alone in what you went through, i can relate and i know lots of other ladies who do too. it's fantastic that you found baking so helpful, it's such a positive thing. I love peanut butter cookies and I need to try your recipe! <3


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