How to choose false eyelashes ~ Part 1

How to choose false eyelashes ~ Part 1

Alright! As promised yesterday, we are about to get into how to choose a pair of false eyelashes for yourself. So may I present PART 1~ Styles and brands of eyelashes. Not sure where to start, so I'll just dive right in...

There are many, many different styles that I have tried and used over the past few months. They range from natural, voluminous, long, dolly, cat eye, whispy, criss-crossed, and soo much more! Each type of lash that I just mentioned has different properties, and will create different look for your eye (and maybe even your whole face.)

For instance, a "natural" lash is usually set on a tan-colored spine, and designed to mimic your natural lashes. Voluminous ones are thick and densely packed... think old-school Hollywood glamour. In my research, I also came across a "dolly" type, associated with Japanese or Korean fashion... these are specifically designed to make your eyes appear larger.

It's really fun to experiment with different styles and see which ones you like best!

I think I can best demonstrate all this by showing you pairs of lashes that I already own, and telling you what I like or don't like about them... so here goes! First up, we've got a very luxurious pair that I adore...

how choose false eyelashes

These gorgeous lashes are from a brand called Faux (similar here.) I picked them up at Lulu's style studio last year for free, but didn't actually use them until several months later.

These babies voluminous, the fibers criss-cross at the spine (this makes the lash look more natural) and they taper off at the ends. They also have a black spine and a very rigid curve. Most reviewers I've come across see this trait as a negative, but I actually like the rigidity. I find that it makes the lashes easier to put on. The fibers feel expensive and luxe on my eyes... and I love the fact that they're not actually black, but a dark brown!

Bottom line: I would recommend a lash of this type to anyone seeking extra glamour or drama, without looking overly fake.

You can see me wearing these here and here.

how choose false eyelashes

Next up, we've got the elusive "dolly" genre, and these lashes are from a brand called Dolly Wink (similar here.) I came across them while I was researching which brands were the best. They have a cult-like following in Korea and Japan, and are associated with creating the Japanese "gyaru" look. I thought the brand looked cool, and I was intrigued. So I hunted down the product range at a hole-in-the-wall Chinatown store.

When I saw the product line in person... holy moly, they were outrageous! The longest lashes I've ever seen... like daddy longlegs on your eyes! But people online raved about the quality, so I got a pair that was a little more natural-looking. When I tried to wear them out, they still seemed a little out of control for real-life.

Bottom line- try out this brand if you're interested in making your eyes appear larger, are searching for an over-the-top dolly look, or have a fetish for length. This particular style I got also has a slight cat-eye, which I thought looked nice :)

I'm wearing them here.

how choose false eyelashes

And here we have the drugstore mainstay, Ardell. I didn't like the first pair of Ardell lashes I bought, which are the "natural" type that I mentioned. Pet peeve about this type- I actually don't love the tan spine, and don't think it looks any more natural than black-spined lashes. If you have thick eyeliner on, it can actually be distracting. Besides that, the pair I had didn't seem to keep their curved shape, or last very long.

However, against my better judgement, I got a second pair from the beauty supply store down the street for $3... (they were $6 at Walgreens.) They are now my go-to pair for everyday. And yes- they do look natural enough for everyday if you place them correctly on your eyelid :)

Bottom line- You can totally use natural-looking lashes for everyday wear- don't fear that they look fake. No one can tell, and they will really kick your everyday look up a notch.

It's hard to see (they don't photograph that boldly), but I'm wearing them in these pictures.

how choose false eyelashes how choose false eyelashes how choose false eyelashes

Kiss (similar here and here)- This is a brand that I picked up at the same local beauty supply store, and I love them! They're made of human hair, and they offer several styles, which I have tried with varying degrees of success.

#1 Kiss lash is of the voluminous variety, but straight (as opposed to criss-crossed, as seen in the very first example.) I wanted to love these ones, but I don't... It's very obvious if you put them on crooked :/ See me wearing them here.

Bottom line- this style is lovely for parties, events, and photos. But make sure you trim them exactly to your eye length, as well as take the extra time to put them on straight.

#2 Kiss lashes are the cat-eye volumes! Love, love, love. These were the very first lashes I picked up from this range. They are dramatic and sexy! I wore these on New Year's and on one of my more recent style shoots.

Bottom line- I echo the previous statement... but these ones are so hot, I'd consider wearing them in broad daylight :P

#3 Kiss lashes are separated and spiky. Unfortunately not my fave :( They just weren't dramatic enough for me in photos, and I didn't like the way they looked in person, either. If I were less tired (it's 2am), I could give you a better explanation... I wore them in this shoot.

Bottom line- I suppose these could be grouped as a natural-looking lash. If you're into the defined, lengthening look, go for these.

Final note- I like this brand a lot!! They're only $3, and there's such a wide variety... you can experiment with sooo many different styles. You can also make a pair last, as long as you take care of them.

how choose false eyelashes

Last (and certainly least) Ebay lashes. I tried these out because you can order a pack of ten for $3. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it is. I placed my order, and waited six weeks for some cutely packaged, but ultimately cheap and disappointing lashes. They look okay when applied... but when you lay an ebay lash next to one made of natural or human hair fibers, you can tell just how fake they are. Also, when I took them off for the first time, the spine broke, making a kink in it. This makes future use difficult... negating the cost-effectiveness of buying 30 cent lashes.

I also got some bottom lashes from Ebay, pictured here as well. I'm wearing them in this shoot, although you can't really tell! I like look of bottom lashes, but again- the Ebay ones were a bust. They're cheap, basically strung on fishing line, and are pin straight. No curve at all. Every time I tried to curve them around my eye, the other end would un-stick. It was very frustrating, and they weren't at all flexible.

Bottom line- Don't waste your money on these.

So, from experimenting for so long, my favorites are by far...

THE FAUX LASHES!!. Runner ups goes to Ardell, just because I wear those ones all the time.

Some personal eyelash self-discovery realizations: I could care less about making my eyes appear bigger, and length doesn't interest me at all. Give me volume all day long, and lots of it!!! ...But that may not be the case for you.

You may need to do a bit of experimenting on what you may or may not like, and I hope my post has provided you with some ideas. So if you've got an extra $10-$20 lying around, my advice would be to drive down to your local beauty supply store and go hogwild! Buy styles that you think look interesting, and also maybe some things that you might not have considered. You never know what's going to look great on you!

And that concludes Part 1 of my Comprehensive Guide to False Eyelashes... hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for Part II next week!

All my love.


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  1. This is very helpful! I'm a complete eyelash novice but I'm feeling a little more confident picking some out now! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing, I bought a pair, i love the doll eyes jeje

  3. This is really interesting, I've never used falsies, I have pretty great eyelashes naturally and I'd be worried about pulling them all off
    Just wondered about the ones made of human hair, is there any information about where the hair comes from? I've seen a couple of things about human hair for hair extensions coming from Indian women who weren't treated fairly

    1. hmm, i don't know where it's sourced from, but this is a very important point to consider. thank you.

  4. Love them! love how you have presented them as well! I have quite a few pairs but I never find times where I should wear them! :)

  5. I've only used them once, but you've convinced me I may have to give them another go!

  6. I've always wanted to give fake lashes a try, but given that I can't even apply mascara (seriously, I'm that clumsy with make-up :(), I knew it was going to be pointless for me to even try; not to mention I'm very allergic to everything (except for cats, yay, hehe) and my eyes are always either itchy or watery. Anyhow, thanks for this great post, you may have encouraged me to pluck up the courage and finally try a pair of these! ;)

    Have a wonderful time during your vacay! ;D Hugs!

    1. i hope you do! i think you would look gorgeous, although i understand not wanting to if you've got problems with your eyes. they're a bitch to learn to put on at first, but you get the hang of it :) i've got more tips coming, too. xx

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