On Vacay

On Vacay


Hello friends,

It was sort of an impulsive decision... it's been a stressful few months for us. So we decided that in order to not go crazy, it was in our best interest to get away for a few days. We started planning the trip a few weeks ago, and right now, are in Puerto Rico! So far, we've been sticking close to our hotel and doing beachy stuff. But I'm quite excited to explore caves, go scuba diving, and maybe go horseback riding!

Last time when we took a small vacation to Block Island, I was in the habit of planning posts two weeks ahead of time... but unfortunately, I haven't been that organized lately. So it might be a little quiet on the blog this week. But I'll try to check in frequently, and will be back soon enough! (probably with lots of pictures.) I also do have a giveaway planned for later in the week, so be on the lookout for that!

Oh, and if you were wondering where the Totally Awesome Blog Hop went, don't fear! It's still around.... but I'm going to start moving it towards the middle of the month. This being the six-month anniversary of the TABH, I've been planning an *All-stars Edition!* It's gonna be super cool.


♥ watch my new video for "just the way you are" on youtube!!



  1. Oh how lovely! Just out of curiousity...who watches your felines while you're gone? Or are their still people in your place that can watch them?

    1. Hey Jenna! We've got an awesome roommate that keeps an eye on them most of the time :) xo

  2. That is awesome,I'd love to take an impulse vacation!:) Have a great time!

  3. ooh an impulse vacation sounds amazing! have fun! xx

  4. Have fun and enjoy the lovely weather! I can't wait to see all the pictures! xx


  5. how lovely, have a great time, and enjoy every minute girl, you deserve it!

  6. Wowsers! Have an awesome time :D


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