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New Business Cards

new business cards

I'd been meaning to get this done for at least a few months now... the designing and ordering of new business cards. I've been running low on the old ones for awhile, and these were cheap as heck at $18 for 1000! I'm pretty excited that I finally have some cards my new branding on them. I've been giving out the old ones all year long, even as my site, newest cd, and other materials were completely different. And this is a little embarrassing, but they're so old that they even had my myspace address on it, as well as a totally outdated description of my music (on the back.)

new business cards

It's nice to have new cards. But part of me thinks that soon, I'll want to just scrap everything and go in a totally new direction. Some people like to keep their "signature" look for years. I get bored looking at the same logo over and over again, and have been feeling a bit sick of my newest look, haha.

Well, I guess it's not really "new" anymore, seeing it's been about a year since the last site redesign. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about a total re-brand. Some of you might have noticed- I've been recently making some tweaks to the site... taking away the background, then changing up the header. I also want to re-do the nav bar soon.

I feel like I need to keep things consistent with the look of my last album, which is why I kept the same font that I used for the cover, and the white background. At the same time, I have a desire to simplify everything, while still holding onto my core personality.

Sometimes though, I find it hard to fully express what it is that I want to convey via fonts, design elements, and colors. I learn things as I go. Doing my own designs only started as a necessity, and a way to trim costs. It was never my chosen artistry, though it is useful :)

So. I'm feeling a spring cleaning coming on... I want to start more clearly defining what this space is for, who I am, and what kind of people I want to attract here. I want to find better ways to tie together my life's musical track, and the writing/ photography I do on the blog. Though it is hard to know my "branding identity" when there are just so many directions I'm going in. I want to be so many different things, but sometimes I can't.

I want to "have it all."

Anyway... yeah. That's how I'm feeling today. I do hope you like the cards though :) I'm happy. xxo


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  1. The New Business Cards look really nice


  2. I love getting new business cards, but I still have so many that it'll be a long time before I can order more. I think your old cards are pretty cute too :)

  3. Looks clean and cute, I also get bored soon jaja
    the old one is nice too, but i think is better the new one


  4. Thats awesome!! I have been meaning to get Business cards so thanks for sharing!!

  5. Anonymous4/17/2013

    I love them!!

  6. I like your new business cards! I HAVE to get some new ones, my website address has changed, as well as the logo and everything else. I just re-did my design site (, and I'm hoping I'll be happy sticking with it for at least a year. I get really antsy to change things up too!

  7. I definitely prefer the new cards! They're super cute. :-) I use Moo mini cards for myself. :-)

  8. So exciting! I have my first business cards that weren't homemade on crappy paper shipping to me right now and I'm so antsy waiting to see them. I JUST redid my branding a few weeks ago and I'm already wanting to do it again, so I get that whole getting bored thing. Oh do I get it....

    <3 MaeLiveFree

  9. The design is so cute! They look great :)

    -Emma from

  10. Wow! Big difference in the cards. I absolutely love the new ones. I think it's simple and portrays you and your brand very nicely. Love them!

  11. Fantastic new cards! I'm the same way, I get bored with it and I love reworking my old logo/cards everything! It's a bit easier since I make my own cards but also tricky because once I get on a roll I want to revamp everything! It's hard to keep things consistent between Etsy shops/blog and business cards, but oh so satisfying once you have the finished product!

  12. Those are really great business cards! I like that you got such an amazing deal too. I sometimes think about revamping all my business stuffs, but then I think that that's what makes me recognisable and it's best to keep it. I'm not that bored with it anyway :)

    LC from the world of ellesee

  13. Anonymous4/17/2013

    I've been a little all over the place over the last year trying to create a "brand". It's hard work and can be very overwhelming, trying to condense yourself into a bite-size nugget for the world to chew on! I love the new cards. Happy spring cleaning!
    one sweet tuesday.

  14. Love getting new business cards. I really like the simplicity of your new ones. I dig 'em.

  15. Love the new designs! And thanks for suggesting Next Day Flyers - I've been having trouble lately with Vista Print's quality (I've had to request reprints twice in the last year). I'm definitely going to look into it and you can't beat that price!

  16. I thought both cards look quite nice :-)


  17. I actually had a bit of a conversation about this, specifically dealing with business cards actually, with Yelle of Tender Roots (previously Yelle Events). I find the "branding" aspect of blogging to be so difficult. How do I create a space with a distinct look and a specialized theme or consistent content, when I as a human being am none of those things? I'm not specialized OR specific. I'm living, growing, changing all the time, and to hammer out a box for my personality to live in, in person or online, just seems so... confining. And to design business cards and have a million of them printed when I might just go and change my mind.. just seemed like too big of a gamble.
    So, I decided to pick up a package of "print it yourself" business cards, and I'm going to write a couple posts on how to DIY business cards in small quantities to achieve the greatest flexibility possible. Besides, I only meet so new people in a year, if I bought 1000 cards I'd be using them for kindling, even at $18 for the lot, I'd feel badly about it. I'll let you know when I get those posts up and running :)

  18. I love these! So cute! I've been meaning to get business cards but have no idea what to put on them. I feel like I need different sets for different occasions...I just have too many different jobs: actress, filmmaker, blogger, daydreamer. Or maybe I need to make blogging into more of a profession and then have it all in one place. Creating a brand is so tough! Especially of the brand is essentially you!

  19. cute cute cute new business cards! what a fun idea! i also love the picture at the bottom of this screen that says "marry yourself". must love yourself before you can begin to love others, love that thought :)

    so glad i stumbled across your page!


  20. I've been stuck in that spot for awhile. It's okay. I get motivated for a couple of weeks and am able to move forward a lot of things. Then I get lazy for a few weeks. Not so good then.

  21. Both the cards are so lovely. Like the designs. Thanks.

    plastic business cards

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