Naidres Cafe

Naidres Cafe

New favorite cafe alert. This one is in beautiful Park Slope. I come here pretty much every day when I'm in the neighborhood for work. Double bonus: the employees here are actually nice! It's also a bit pricey, but the smiles make up for it.

naidres cafe park slope naidres cafe park slope naidres cafe park slope

So how are you doing on this lovely, rainy day? I'm sick sick and had to stay home. So... here I am- still in my pj's, in bed, listening to the the rain fall outside my window.

Even though it's no fun being sick, there's something about sick days that feels special. Perhaps it's just a leftover feeling from childhood- the fun of staying home from school. But I also think that in our work-worshipping culture, it's a permission to relax. Whenever I get sick, I know it's my body telling me I need to slow down with whatever I'm doing, and take care of myself.

I wanted to mention one other thing before I resume my peaceful rain-listening. Tomorrow I'll be hosting a really exciting giveaway!! It's the biggest giveaway I've ever done here, with the help of several wonderful ladies. I'm really happy to be bringing it to you, so make sure to check in with me tomorrow to find out what it is!

Thanks, and have a good day :)


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  1. I hope you feel better! I will be looking for the giveaway tomorrow!

    xo Michelle

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  2. That's great! I found an amazing cafe in my city a while back, just walked past it a while back and I've been going there ever since:)

  3. Great photos! get well

  4. I hope to get to feeling better, but it is nice to take a day off and just relax! :)

  5. Looks like such a cute little place! Get well soon! :)

  6. Anonymous5/09/2013

    These pictures look awesome! I like the colors a lot!


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