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photos by Tamar Haviv

I had a lovely coffee date with my pal Tamar the other day. I asked her to take some photos of me, but my camera battery died. So some of these were shot with her iPhone, and some with my camera (guess which ones are which!)

I've mentioned her a bunch on this blog, and she's a fellow singer-songwriter friend. Well, one of her songs just made it into a Crayola commercial!! Also awesome- I sang the backing vocals on this song, and did the vocal arranging. The vocals aren't showcased in the commercial, but it's still pretty cool!

Anyone else wanna hire me to sing backing vocals/ arranging on their songs? I'm very reasonable :P

20130505-IMG_1341 IMG_7358 (1)

Also, I love my shirt- which you can't really see in these pictures due to my sunglasses obscuring it. But trust me, it's rad. I went a little spendy this time, and bought it at an all-handmade shop in Bushwick. It's nice to be able to wear something that you know is completely sweatshop-free.

Other news- I finally picked back up with the Song of Ice and Fire series, and started reading Dance with Dragons last week. I've been really apprehensive about it. As good as the story is, the terrible things that happen to a lot of the characters just crush me.

Still... I have to know what happens to Tyrion!! Haha.



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  1. Your eyelashes are so long and pretty in these pictures! Wo~w. Such a cute outfit and with good labor practices too.

    It's really cool to hear about how your music and singing is getting out there.


  2. Such pretty photos, I love your shirt!

    Have the best week ever,

  3. I like your top. I can see enough to know that it's pretty cute. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  4. Cute outfit, love the red shoes!
    I've just finished ADWD and now I don't know how I'll wait for the next book!


  5. i feel silly saying this, but i like your belt! i've been on the hunt for a tan belt like that for what seems like an eternity lol. the one i have is a cheap one from old navy so the fake layers split apart. and real leather ones are so expensive but i'm willing to invest in a good quality one.

  6. Hey that's pretty amazing, congratulations!!!!

  7. Such a pretty outfit! I honestly have no idea which pics are from the camera, or the iPhone. I love that!

  8. These photos are so summery! You look fantastic, your eyelashes are amazing! xo

  9. that's awesome about your friend's song!

  10. geez you are so freakin' GORGEOUS!

  11. love those cute red shoes!! hooray on the crayola commercial. it's times like these i wish i had speakers at work!

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  12. Hi, Chantilly! It's nice to be back here and see your adorable face! I'm so sorry it's been so long and I never got back to you after you wrote :/. I was going through a lot stuff (connected with my dad, mostly). But enough of me! I'm going to keep going through your posts to see what you've been up you. Hugs! ;)

  13. Very cool. Congrats to you and especially your friend. I like you in these more casual clothes. Still stylin' but not the super dressed up outfit posts you normally see in the blog world.


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