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Video from CD Release

Happy weekend! Did you guys have a nice time sleeping in today? I sure did.

I wanted to share these videos with you. They're about a year late. When I had my CD release party last June, I told you that there was video, and that it would be "coming soon." It never came :( But by some miracle, we finally uploaded a couple of the videos last week. For those of you curious as to how I look/ act outside of a photo, or have wondered what I sound like performing, here ya go!

This concert took place at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. The first song is me performing a cover of Tom Petty's "Won't back Down" on ukulele. The second is my song "Just the Way You Are." My friends Alyson, Michelle, and Tamar are my background singers, and friend Owen is on the bass. The video was shot and edited by Matthew Panton.

Hope you enjoy!! Have a great rest of the weekend :) xx


♥ watch my new video for "just the way you are" on youtube!!
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  1. this is awesome, you are awesome. I love tom petty, so cool to see you rockin it. And also, you know i love Just The Way You Are! You are so talented my friend! xx

    1. thank you so much rachel!! i love that tom petty song. xoxo

  2. You are SO great miss. I am obsessed with your voice!

  3. Love this. I listen to your albums all the flipping time.


    1. that's so awesome to hear!! thanks!

  4. Lovely! Your voice has such honey to it; warm, sweet, and soothing. <3

  5. Yay! I wanna see more videos of you! And as you know, I'd love to see you live one day.


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