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Farmer's Market Tour

Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ

Days off at camp are so far and few between, so everyone tries to make theirs as fun as possible. People plan epic trips, overnight jaunts to nearby cities, and day-long shopping excursions.

I enjoy those activities, but I've also been longing to spend some time by myself. Everyone else seems to be really into hanging out in big groups, so maybe I'm an odd duck :P Even so, I had a really wonderful time on one of my days off recently. I took out the camp car and visited a few farmer's markets in the area on my own. It was a totally rejuvinating experience, after being around people 24/7.

Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ Farmer's market NJ

I can't believe the summer is almost over! It's so crazy to think that a week from now I'll be home again. Just like last time, it's been an amazing, life-changing experience.

In the final days that I'm here, I think I'll need a bit of time off from the blog. Much as I've anticipated, it's been a bit difficult to concentrate on blogging while here. I've definitely got a lot a lot to talk about though, and the What I Love About Me Series had a great response, so I plan on continuing it!

I think I just need a little break for the time being. I never feel like I do my best posts when I'm away, and hopefully that will change once I get back in the swing of things at home. Rest assured I will be blogging again soon :)

I love you guys, and thank you to those who have been sticking with me and reading this summer! Your super nice comments and emails have been one of the things helping me through the gritty bits of camp. I promise, I will be back with some awesome posts this fall, as well as being more active in the community again!! xoxo!!


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  1. this photos are incredible! I love farmer's markets, we are actually visiting one today :)
    I'll share the pics later :)

  2. Stunning pictures, as always! That farmer's market looks incredible!

    Sending well wishes for your return home!


  3. I love checking out farmer's markets, great pictures!

    1. thanks! farmer's markets are definitely one of life's pleasures. x

  4. It's always hard to keep up steady blogging in the summer when there's so much stuff going on! It's a-okay to need a break!

    These pictures made me so happy and actually made me want fall to come because I go to the farmers' market most often in the fall. All the hand-made signs are so adorable.

    1. farmer's markets in the fall are the BEST. x

  5. I definitely prefer small groups and a lot of alone time. I wish there were more farmers market where I live, these look great.

  6. What a sweet location! I miss places like this .. everything is so industrialized in San Diego.


  7. That looks like a really nice place to visit :). I can totally understand wanting to spend time alone; I need it so often and it's not like I'm surrounded by tons of people regularly, haha! You'll go home soon, so you'll be fine ;). It's amazing to think summer will be over so soon; I'm not ready! :/


  8. I think this is the most adorable farmers market I've seen. Great photos!

  9. PEACH CIDER???!!

    Yes please, xxx

  10. This looks like the loveliest place on earth! I love how they display the food, the whole shop interior looks so adorable! Wish we had more of these shops here in Europe!

  11. This market looks like a dream! Don't feel weird about wanting to be on your own, I totally feel ya there. Have a peaceful bloggy rest :)

    <3 Megan

  12. books at a market? wha, love!

  13. yay, little markets! the doughnut looks wonderful here, and the peach cider sounds amazing! i can't wait for fall for all of the apple items to start coming out!

    lindsey louise

  14. Unfortunately we don't have such Farmer's Market where I live... it looks beautifully and relaxre ;)
    And I can totally understand that sometimes you need to take time off (from blogging or whatever). Enjoy your time out there! ;)

  15. Lovely little farmers market photos!

    instagram: cassidyydawn

  16. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! It looks like such a lovely place too!

    Sofie x

  17. Anonymous9/08/2013

    Love the shot of the pretty peaches- yummy!

    Xo, Hannah


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