Secret Friends

Secret Friends

Happy Friday everyone :) How are you today?

I feel like I'm still getting back into the groove, although I'm getting there! I noticed these pictures hanging around in my Flickr the other day... I think I meant to include them in Monday's epic camp-post, but they turned out to be stragglers. So I wanted to tell you one more story from camp.

20130824-IMG_2175 This is my end-of-the summer envelope, where I received all my warm & fuzzies, staff photos, and a camp directory. Don't make me explain the bunny, that's yet another story...

At camp, during the last weeks, we do something called "Secret Friends." This tradition is optional, and the people who want to participate write their names on a slip of paper and put them into a bucket. Once everyone has put their name in, the bucket goes around once more and we all pull out a new name. The person whose name you get is your secret friend for the week. At the beginning of camp, we all fill out "favorites" cards, which are left in a communal place. They list every single counselor's favorite drinks, snacks, shows, movies, music. This is meant to help you find out the kinds of things your secret friend enjoys, so you can do nice things for them all week that make them feel special!

Predictably, at the same time you're scoping out your secret friend and planning all kinds of awesome and nice things for them, someone has picked your name out of the bucket as well... so you will also be receiving wonderful little surprises all week long! Oh, and the last part- it's anonymous (at least until a week later when everyone reveals themselves to each other.)

This year I had an AWESOME secret friend. He did lots and lots of cool stuff for me, but this was one of the best. I walked into the office one day to find the drawing below on the communal bulletin board. It's a picture of me playing Madison Square Garden! Haha! One of the captions says "She's better than Elliot Smith and Thom Yorke's love child!" ... These were two of the musicians I had written on my favorites card. My secret friend did lots of other great stuff for me that week, as well.


It's started getting me thinking about my everyday choices in terms of how I treat other people. A little extra effort can make someone's day. And while you don't have to literally draw someone a piece of art to let them know that you appreciate them, I think small kindnesses matter.

Putting positive energy out there takes up no energy of your own. It can only lift someone else up, and maybe even lift you up in the process. :)

Anyway... thanks again, Dan :)


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  1. What a glorious idea! It sort of reminds me of Secret Santa, but on a way more epic level. The illustration is awesomely adorable!


    1. yeah! it's totally like... extreme secret santa though. haha!

  2. I organised a similar thing for a weekend away once and it was so nice for everyone to be a bit more caring of each other

    1. that's so nice :) it's awesome that you organized it! xx

  3. love this!! your blog is wonderful.


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