The banquet...

The banquet...

Good morning!

How's your day so far? I've been feeling wonderful. Since I've been home, I've been connecting with old friends, lining up cool projects and opportunities, and settling back into my routines. I can honestly say that I've been really happy lately.

Before I bring you all in the loop though, I want share pictures from our staff banquet. Because it was off the hook this year. The food, the decor, everything was just so lovely!

20130817-IMG_2071 20130817-IMG_2075 20130817-IMG_2095

One thing that I loved about this year is that I truly made real, lasting friendships with some of my co-counselors. For instance- my roommie and I, Lynnette, became super close! We we gossiped, vented, and laughed the summer away together. But the key- we also knew how to give each other space. And let me tell you- it's rare that I can find a person I can actually stand to be around 24/7.

I'm going to miss you so much Lynnette! Hopefully, I'll be able to get over to the UK someday to visit!!

20130817-IMG_2083 20130817-IMG_2082 20130817-IMG_2089 20130817-IMG_2081

Katie (pictured below) also became a really good friend. Luckily, she only lives in Boston. So the plan is to go play lots of shows in that area, and harass her stay on her couch forever, or until she kicks me out. Yay!!

20130817-IMG_2098 20130817-IMG_2103 20130817-IMG_2099 20130817-IMG_2104

More friends! Zac and Alex! And Zac lives near NYC!! Yayyyy!!


This is the entire 2013 Appel Farm music staff. Honestly, it was such an honor and a pleasure to work with these folks. For the most part, there was very little drama and everyone seemed to mesh well. They were all so talented, too! Gary, Dickie, and Andy were responsible for backing me up during this performance, and David, Alex, and Brian played with me on this rock song. And Gary and Jacob played this song with me! Such great times.


At the end, there were also the warm and fuzzies. These are just little messages you write and receive to people who are an inspiration to you, or who you think are cool. It sure is amazing to read all your warm and fuzzies after you've left. To know the positive things people think about you, but don't get to tell you during the time you work together.

I personally think we could use a national warm and fuzzy day :) There are sooo many people in my life that deserve a random "Hey. You're awesome. This is why..." But I guess we don't really need a special day for that. We can do it any time we want! I'll start now...

Today's warm and fuzzy... I love all you guyzzz!! :P


I hope everyone's summer was just as amazing as mine was!


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  1. Aw miss you so much Chantilly! This looks like a wonderful camp - I've done camps before but not one that solely focuses on music & the arts. Wish I would have known about a place like this before the kiddos came along :-). Hope you are doing well lady. Super cute photos of you & Lynnette!

    xoxo Marisa

  2. Lovely photos, you sure have amazing friends, seems like you had so much fun!!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  3. What an amazing time!! I've never been to a camp before, so it's making me so jealous ;) And I love your white dress!!

  4. great photos! looks like a great time and I love your dresses! to pretty!
    thanks for stopping by the other day :)

  5. You look so gorgeous- great photos and I love your dress! What an amazing opportunity and so awesome that you came away with some new lifelong friends.


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