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Dressing for fall

Oasap sweater Oasap sweater
photos by deserie w.

Happy Halloween! Any plans for tonight???

Like I talked about earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to escape to Rhode Island this weekend. My very gracious mom took these snaps of me while I was up there. Oh who am I kidding... we laughed our heads off and had a blast, as we often do :)

But I don't lie when I say that my heart was bursting as we were out and about amongst the gorgeous autumn leaves. I can't even believe how idyllic these pictures look.

Oasap sweater Oasap sweater

I received this awesome cardigan other day from Oasap, and haven't been able to take it off since. It is sooo cozy, and my favorite color!! It's a little thin for fall, but I have other layering cardis to pair it with.

Also, my parents gave me a bucket full of vintage bow ties to take home with me. I thought at first that they'd be perfect for Matt... but then it occured to me that I wanted them! I guess we can share. I threw this cute brown one on, just to try it out. Survey says... yes!

Oh- and this lovely silk shirt is a super proud thrift score... $3!!

Other than that, all weekend I've been listening to new mixes and arrangements of my songs for the new EP!!! It's hard to know how much to talk about it here. Part of me wants it to be a complete surprise, yet the other part is dying to share all the details. Ha, what I really want to do is post the mixes up, so that everyone can listen to them!! I am really, really psyched. My songs are better, plus I'm in love with Saul's arrangements, and his overall magic touch. It's really such a privilege to witness the bones of your ideas build up into something real and wonderful.

Also, I don't really have a plan yet. I don't know how I'm going to release it, or raise funds for it. I think about all that stuff, and even though it's exciting, it's just so hard to do on your own.

Well, one way or another it will get done. It always does :)

Oasap sweater


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What Makes You Happy?


The other day, I was reading through a chapter of "The Artists Way", which is a lovely book if you've got some time and inclination to pick it up. It's all about rediscovering your creativity if you're in a slump, and strengthening it if you are currently producing work. I've been working my way through the book for about a year, as I sometimes feel a little slump-y and wish I was more motivated to write songs.

At the end of each chapter, it gives you prompts and activities to get your imagination going. It seems too simple, and sometimes a little wacky. You think "What is the point of thinking about my favorite foods when I was five years old?" But once you do it, you realize that it really does get some sparks flying, and brings up lots of memories and feelings- which gets you primed for creating!

Recently, I was prompted to list some happiness touchstones. Little things that REALLY bring joy to your heart, like the kind I'm always taking pictures of for this blog. Smooth river rocks, fluffy goose down, home made cookies... things like that. Surprisingly, it was a little hard at first. But once I got started, I had listed soooo many things!

But one thing I realized... I didn't recognize a lot of those things anywhere in my life. For instance, the very first thing I listed was "sparkly things." They make me happy to look at! Well guess what? I've been actively avoiding sparkly things for at least ten years. Why? After some thinking about it, I determined it was because somewhere along the line, I decided that sparkly things were uncool. BECAUSE THEY WERE UNCOOL. :facepalm: Years if denying myself a simple pleasure for something that silly.

It really got me to thinking about the ways that we can deprive ourselves of joy, without even realizing it. Why do we do this? I guess there are different reasons for different people. For me, joy is something that has to be cultivated... it takes a little effort to be happy sometimes. Looking over this list is as a good place to start as any to get ideas of how.

- Sparkly things!
- Cafes
- Any Elliot Smith song
- My grandmother's garlic butter peas
- Mint-colored anything
- The crisp feeling of fall
- The first breath of spring
- A fresh vase of flowers
- Cozy, love-filled hugs from special people
- The feeling of an awesome thrift score
- Singing
- Song ideas coming together perfectly (feels like a puzzle being completed!)
- Performing for an audience who gets it
- Warm scarves
- Down comforters
- Peanut butter and chocolate
- Riding on trains, cars, and buses (I talked about this yesterday!)

This is just the beginning :) Try making a list of your own! xxo


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Seeing Stars


Good afternoon, beautiful people. How are you? It's a lovely fall day here in Brooklyn. There's a perfect amount of chill in the air, and I'm going to wear a corduroy coat that I picked up on Saturday. I was lucky enough to visit my parents in Rhode Island this weekend, and my mom and I went on an epic thrifting trip. I scored some primo stuff, including the jacket!

I usually take the bus but rode the train this time, even though it's a little more expensive. I'm so glad I did. The foliage was the most gorgeous thing I've seen recently. I know it's corny, but the beauty just made my heart so full. I love riding on trains, cars- hell even on the bus. There's something comforting about sitting still as the world moves around you. One of my favorite things to do.

Anyway, to jump to a completely different subject, I'm really excited to tell you about this wonderful new necklace I procured from a super cute online shop (based right here in Brooklyn!) called Uncommon Goods. They sell handmade artisan products, which is right up my alley. So many of the pretty things on their website will take your breath away, and I can definitely say their jewelry section is to die for. Also, pretty much anything in their shop would make a cool and unique Christmas gift (hint hint :P) See here!

When we were talking about working together, I knew exactly the piece that I wanted- this star necklace made out of repurposed guitar strings and drum cymbals! The star is cut from a broken cymbal, and the strings are the circle that wrap around it. I fell for it hard. To my surprise, it was in my mailbox in the blink of an eye, and I was in constant contact with the very helpful customer service rep the entire time!

Being a musician, I love the feeling of having a little bit of music with me wherever I go, and that's what makes this necklace super special to me. The only thing- I just wish the chain were a little longer. I like dangly pendants :)

Finally, I want to say that I just have a good feeling about UncommonGoods. My communication with them has been very warm, I think what they do is awesome, and their stuff is so lovely!

Necklace c/o Uncommon Goods


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Mustard and Red Stripes


I've been avoiding this shirt.

You know how some clothes can start to have negative associations with them when something negative happens while you're wearing it? Well, I wore this to a Lulu's fashion week party once a few years ago. I was in the middle of a sentence, when another blogger who I didn't know helpfully pointed out that there was cat hair on it. It was like-

Me: "So I think the thing I love most about Lulu's is..."
Blogger: (points) "... You have cat hair on your shirt..."

Maybe she was just trying to be helpful. But it felt really awkward, and made me self-conscious. So I packed the shirt away and never thought about it again, until I pulled it out to wear with this outfit.

Choies Choies

But on this (mostly) cat hair free day, I got to wear it with these stunning shoes that I somehow found at Buffalo Exchange. I mean... mustard suede oxfords. Life just can't go wrong when you're wearing these, folks. Cat hair or no.

Also of note- I've totally been living in this jacket! It's so perfect for this fussy cold/ not cold weather we've been having.

Choies jacket- c/o choies/ shirt- thrifted/ shorts- urban outfitters/ tights- forever 21/ shoes- buffalo exchange/ hat- thrifted


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Life Moments

Photography Photography Photography Photography Photography Photography Photography Photography

1. Planning a cool DIY with these lovely things.
2. Spotted on a city walkabout. I love Indian corn (is it still PC to use that term??)
3. Still loving little cafes.
4. Some delicious chocolate.
6. & 7. Some vignettes from a favorite coffee shop.
8. & 9. Some shots from the "VIP area" of our very successful Noise Collective party at Rockwood Music Hall during CMJ week. The champagne flowed freely... along with the PBR and Cutty Sark :P

Anyway, hope everyone had a good week! I'm off to visit family for a few days. Thanks for being you. Thanks for doin' what you do.



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Macaron Parlour

Macaron Parlour NYC Macaron Parlour NYC

Wandering around different neighborhoods has got to be one of the best parts about living in NYC. If you've got an hour or two of free time, it's the most a wonderful way to spend some time clearing the cobwebs your head, while taking in beautiful sights.

I was in the the East Village recently doing just that. And my nice Sunday stroll livened up even more, when I came across this cute little shop- the Macaron Parlour. The sign lured me inside. And before long, I was bewitched by their delicious treats...

I ended up getting the red velvet macaron! Smores is definitely on my list for next time :)

Macaron Parlour East Village Macaron Parlour East Village Macaron Parlour NYC

By the way, thank you all so much for the wonderful support on Monday's post. I will be back later in the week to thank everyone individually.

I can get a little self-conscious about my curviness. Of course, I was raised on the idea that thinner is better, and growing up, I always thought I stuck out as being too "normal" as everyone else was leading their perfect, thin lives. Yeah, "normal"... that's if I was being nice to myself that day.

Years and time have helped me get over this, but sometimes I slip. And sometimes, I think it's just the nature of taking and showing style photos- looking at pictures of yourself all the time. Sussing out every "flaw". Trying to narrow down the best shots (with the least flaws) to put online and show the entire world. You're always comparing yourself to how you looked in the past, as well as other women that you admire. And you tend to get a little critical. Well, i do.

But the fact is, this is the way that I look. This is my body. It's always been my body, no matter what I've tried to do to change it. It's just the way I am and the way I was built.

I want to respect this lovely body, which has done so many amazing things for me besides just being attractive, or being used as a receptacle for my own fears and insecurities. I can do this through acceptance.

I am beautiful. In lots of ways. Actually, you are too.

And I will have a red velvet macaron if I please :)



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Work Your Curves

What's the best way to flatter curves? Answer is pretty simple to me: high rise pants.

High Rise Pants High Waisted Pants Urban Outfitters High Rise Pants

I'm so glad high-waisted everything is back in style. Where would I be without it?

I don't know why, but talk of curve-flattering styles brings up some feelings for me. So I can I get a little real with you for a second? The truth is, I find it hard to dress in a flattering manner for this blog sometimes. Clothes that I love and am dying to wear, or think will look good on me, show up looking completely different in pictures.

A lot of people say that they wish they had my curves. And I'm not dissing them! But it's aggravating that companies are generally not concerned with making clothing for my body type. In fact, most clothes are made with a thinner, straighter-looking wearer in mind. Those bodies are beautiful too, and deserve to look good. All body types deserve to have options. So it is frustrating to "make it work" all the time with clothes that are clearly not made for me.

Urban Outfitters High Rise Pants High Rise Pants


Just had to share that little rant with you, before I tell you how badass I think I look in this outfit. And it was pieced together with clothing whose makers totally had my body type in mind when they made it. Win!

This is little vintage shirt is one that I don't think I can ever get rid of. I bought it for $3. Solid investment. And the pants... I've worn them before, and I think they speak for themselves.

High Rise Pants
shirt, shoes, belt- vintage/ shades- f21/ pants- uo/ cardi- tulle


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Life Moments

20131003-IMG_3629 20131001-IMG_3620 20130929-IMG_3597 20131003-IMG_3632 20130929-IMG_3583 20130927-IMG_3503

1. Lots of writing, as usual. Found this little notebook lying around and decided to turn it into a gratitude journal.
2. Nail polish :)
3. Scout with her adorable little bunny toy
4. The SWEETEST note from Matt that I woke up to one recent morning
5. Coffee and the most delicious chocolate-topped donut at Dunwell
6. One of my favorite pairs of shoes! They need to be resoled though.

Thanks, friends :) What are you up to this weekend? xxo


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